On the couch - April 2020
Marcus Today on the couch

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In this episode, Henry catches up with his good friend, Julia Lee, who is probably well known to many through her media appearances.

Julia Lee is the Chief Investment Officer at Burman Invest. She has 20 years of experience in financial markets. Her passion for investing combines fundamental and technical analysis to analyse companies and opportunities. Julia is one of Australia’s best-known financial experts and a frequent speaker at industry conferences. Julia is on the board of directors for the Australian Stockbrokers Foundation. She has her Master of Business in Finance (MBus), is an Accredited Derivatives Adviser.

On the Couch with Henry Jennings and Ben O’Leary our Back-Room Boffin

Meet Ben O’Leary the Marcus Today Back-Room Boffin and Assistant Portfolio Manager on the SMAs which have outperformed over 20% in the last two months. Find out how he did it, some lessons he’s learned, what he thinks about the outlook and three stock tips at the same time

On the Couch with Henry and Richard Morrow

In this week’s Episode of On the Couch, Henry talks to one of his oldest mates, Chairman of the Melbourne Mining Club and iconic Baillieu’s stockbroker Richard Morrow to discuss everything Mining with a particular emphasis on Gold miners and he gives us three stocks to watch.

On the Couch – Crash Course in Crashes

This week we take a Crash Course in Crashes – the lessons we have learned from 1987 to today. Grab a coffee, settle in and enjoy!

On the Couch – Member questions

Henry Jennings hosts Marcus Padley on the Couch answering Member questions.

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