August 2021 Reporting Season Guide

The ASX 200 is riding high, hovering near all-time highs on the back of strength in the big miners and the banks. Both sectors are pregnant with company largesse and shareholders are expecting to see tangible rewards through the season. The commodity supercycle continues, led by iron ore and copper, with the transition to EVs boosting demand for nickel, lithium, and other commodities. After years of underinvestment, as miners chose to sweat existing assets, supply has been lagging demand in some metals. The big miners are set to deliver substantial increases in dividends and could also engage in other capital management initiatives. In terms of the banks, ANZ has already announced a $1.5bn buyback, NAB has gone one better with a $2.5bn buyback and CBA is rumoured to be topping that with a $5bn buyback. Expect to see more buybacks and maybe even special dividends…read more in our guide.</p

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