On the couch - August 2020
Marcus Today on the couch

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On the Couch with Henry Jennings and the Equity Mates

This week On the Couch Henry is joined by not one but two guests with Bryce Leske and Alec Renehan the podcast doyens from EquityMates. Two great young guys starting out on their investment journey and sharing with the world. They have created a series of successful educational podcasts which interview industry experts on investing and all things finance. Marcus and I have both done interviews with them, but today we turn the tables. We had a great chat. Get your kids to listen as well.

On the Couch with Henry Jennings and David Bassanese from Betashares

This week Henry is on the Couch with the Chief Economist of Betashares, David Bassanese. David is a seasoned media veteran and has had an illustrious career at Treasury, the OECD and Macquarie Bank. In a wide ranging podcast, David and Henry talk about the direction of the local economy, the AUD and the US economy, and why he sees the US as still the place to be, despite some asset valuations being a little stretched and reminiscent of the dotcom days. This time it really is different; these behemoths make money. Join me On the Virtual Couch to hear his thoughts.

On the Couch with Henry Jennings and Gold Fund Manager Hedley Widdup

Henry’s Guest this week is Hedley Widdup, an executive director at Lion Selection Group (LSX). LSX is a listed specialist investor in small and mid-cap gold miners and explorers. Hedley started life as a geologist on some of the country’s most iconic projects including Olympic Dam, Mt Isa (Black Star open cut), and St Ives Gold Mine. In 2012 Hedley joined the board of Lion and is a regular contributor to Livewire Markets and an expert on gold and gold juniors. In the podcast, Hedley gives his view on gold, some miners to watch for plus what to look for in those all-important drill results. Enjoy!

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