The white whale of the asx

The White Whale of the ASX

MOBY DICK Fair to say its not an easy book to read. In my youth, I tackled some of the classics, mainly because I had to, I did English Literature at school back in 1980 and Melville’s classic was always one that proved just too hard to get into. I have watched the film and…

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Rare Earths Table

Mining the ASX for Rare Earth Stocks

Rare Earths Part 1: Someone is going to pay for this. Cold War 2.0 sees a new front emerge. Donald Trump has shrugged off CV19 in the space of days. Something that will only add to his aura for his supporters but apart from his return to health, and the theatrics surrounding his helicopter landing…

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back to the future

Back to the Future

It is interesting sometimes to look back at momentous turning points. For us, that was late March. I thought it would be a good idea to have look back at my March ramblings in Henry’s Take especially on small caps and the overall strategy of the team.

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