Small Print and Broker Research

Now its not a criticism, it is an education – at the bottom of the research in the disclaimers they will tell you (a lot more plainly than most brokers) that they have done corporate deals for the following small companies UWL GSS MSB A4N NIC BYE PBH MAD CBR – in other words they…

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The Best Investment I Ever Made

THE FLYING FERRET I used to own a greyhound. Well, a bunch of us did actually. It was a yuppie post-university indulgence organized by one of the West End wide boys I worked with in my early stockbroking days in London. He had picked out an Ad in the Greyhound Star for a ‘Sales Trial’…

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Marcus on Life: The Unlucky Country

THE LUCKY COUNTRY  “The Lucky Country” sounds like a nice cuddly description of Australia, but it isn’t. In fact it’s a rather cynical dig. It comes from the title of a Professor Donald Horne book in 1964 called “The Lucky Country”. The point he was trying to make was that Australia was “Lucky” rather than…

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Marcus on the best investment in the world

I have four kids. Three of them are now driving, which means that in the last five years we have gone from a ratio of two taxi drivers being taken for granted by four passengers to five taxi drivers and one passenger. While that has been a huge burden off our taxi driving duties, it…

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Marcus Today on Life – Dont Let the Old Man in

ASK YOURSELF HOW OLD YOU’D BE…IF YOU DIDN’T KNOW THE DAY YOU WERE BORN The Mule is a recent film produced and directed by Clint Eastwood. Eastwood is now 88 and plays the lead role as a grumpy old man who goes out kicking. It leaves you wondering whether the film doesn’t reflect a lot…

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The story of Ithaca

Stock Market Secrets: Ithaca

I wrote this article a few years ago and I reproduce it for my 50th Birthday.  Ithaca is the island in Greece that Odysseus had so much trouble returning to in Homer’s Odyssey. On his way he survives run ins with the Cicones, Polyphemus (Cyclops to you), Circe, the Sirens, Scylla, the winds of Aeolus,…

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Golden Bull of Wall Street

Stock Market News: Gold Bull

In bull markets (remember those) share prices move gradually in a constant reflection of earnings and value and investors enjoy a rather predictable progression in share prices. Investing is based around research and it’s all pretty straightforward. The current market is nothing like that. The current market is not being priced on value or earnings,…

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Buy and Sell Forex Trading

Stock Market Secrets: Forex Trading

YOU TOO CAN BE A FOREX TRADER So the $A goes through parity, in the other direction this time, and again every Tom Dick and Harry is suddenly a currency expert. The same thing happened when it first rose through parity in October 2010. It’s as if the Aussie dollar hitting the big figure miraculously…

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Marcus Today on Life: Tulipomania

1623, Tulip Mania. A single tulip bulb sells for a thousand Dutch florins, seven times the average annual wage. The average tulip trader makes sixty thousand florins a month. 400 times the annual wage. 40 bulbs sell for 100,000 florins. You could have bought 3,333 pigs for the same price. People were selling possessions to…

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