ASX Education: Why you don’t matter

Westpac had its results on Monday. Whenever a big company has results every significant fund manager will come into work the next day to find ten pieces of research (fifty in the USA), one from each of the big brokers, sitting on their desk selling ten different opinions about the result. Fund managers are like…

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ASX Education: Your Best Investment Ever

I have an article in The Age Money section. It's one to send to your kids. Click below and read it online (it helps it go viral), or you can read it below. Or just copy and paste the image and the link and send it to the kids by email. I have been…

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ASX Education: Exchange Traded Funds

Australian investors who want a diversified portfolio in a particular asset class without having to manage it themselves are able to Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) on the ASX. ETFs are exchange traded on the ASX. That means you can buy and sell them on the ASX just like shares. They trade and settle in exactly…

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The importance of knowing the unknown

ASX Education: Knowing the unknown

In order to make any money in the stock market you need to focus on the unknown and stop wasting your time on the known. Every year the top and bottom performing stocks are not the stocks the market predicts most accurately, those stocks will hardly move, the big money is always in the stocks…

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The fight between shares and property

ASX Education: Property or Shares

THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN EQUITIES AND PROPERTY I cannot tell you how many times I have read that you double your money in Australian property investment every ten years. It is the core assumption in all property marketing it seems. Of course to make any money out of that implied 7 per cent return per annum…

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ASX Education: Stop wasting your time

In this article most images link to articles about the subject. TIME We are all flying through life. Busy busy busy. Important things to do. So very important. Can’t talk, can’t stop, can’t go, can’t come, can’t make it, can’t do it. Busy. We all have our own reasons. I write an average 6600 words…

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Active or Passive investing

ASX Education: Active v Passive

Much has been written recently about the relative merits of taking an active approach or just letting your funds track an index. The growth of passive funds has been extraordinary. The head of Vanguard in Australia was in the news last week as the FUM have grown to $5.4 trillion. $2.9 trillion is tracking indices…

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