Marcus Today on the couch

On the Couch with Henry and Richard Morrow

On the Couch with Henry and Richard Morrow In this week’s Episode of On the Couch, Henry talks to one of his oldest mates, Chairman of the Melbourne Mining Club and iconic Baillieu’s stockbroker Richard Morrow to discuss everything Mining with a particular emphasis on Gold miners and he gives us three stocks to watch.

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The vibe is changing

The vibe is changing. It’s been a great rally but I can see (on the charts) and hear (in the media headlines) the herd stopping to think about what’s next and it’s probably not great. As Henry put it, we always come out of Easter fat and happy, then it all goes wrong. What is…

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How to use a model portfolio

The Marcus Today Model Portfolios – Growth and Income – are the core of what we do. They are where all of our analysis (both fundamental and technical), reading, discussions, debate and decision-making are crystallised into actionable outcomes. They are how (along with Marcus’ Strategy articles) we pass messages about the market. Quite simply, they are…

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And so it continues

And so it continues – the US market is behaving – for now there is no reason to question our market either. No opinion – I continue to watch people on the spectrum from Super Bull to Super Bear and resist being dragged to either end by someone’s particular view. Every day there are a…

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Lessons From Brett Steenbarger

Lessons From Steenbarger

Today I share with you some of the views of the esteemed trading psychologist, well-known author –  and a personal favourite of mine – Brett Steenbarger – a man with extensive knowledge of how our minds work, both for and against our trading success. Steenbarger has a theory of keeping an ‘empty mind’ when it comes to trading,…

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Marcus Today SMA | March 2020 Update

Where do we even begin… We are witnessing history. Both in the stock market and the broader world. Countries in lockdown. Fines for leaving the house without a good reason. Cafes, restaurants, bars, clubs and pubs all closed. Sport on hold. And that’s not even the half of it. Completely unprecedented times. FUND PERFORMANCE MARCUS…

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