Marcus on Life: The Unlucky Country

THE LUCKY COUNTRY  “The Lucky Country” sounds like a nice cuddly description of Australia, but it isn’t. In fact it’s a rather cynical dig. It comes from the title of a Professor Donald Horne book in 1964 called “The Lucky Country”. The point he was trying to make was that Australia was “Lucky” rather than…

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London Stock Brokers in the 1980s

ASX Education: London Barrowboys at work

Having spent sixteen years in the UK and four years in Australia sitting on the institutional desks of some major brokers, particularly in the UK, one thing becomes apparent, that share prices don’t go up and down because of the fundamental reasons that commentators and the media obsess over in hindsight, they go up and…

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Why Bother

I was studying the latest edition of Marcus Today whilst on holiday when my son asked what I was reading.  Then came the question, “why do you bother?”  Why not invest in some EFTs or in a managed fund and save yourself a lot of time and worry? I’ve been asked that question before and…

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Marcus on the best investment in the world

I have four kids. Three of them are now driving, which means that in the last five years we have gone from a ratio of two taxi drivers being taken for granted by four passengers to five taxi drivers and one passenger. While that has been a huge burden off our taxi driving duties, it…

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tax time - tax loss selling

It’s Tax Time – Tax Loss Selling

We are into June, and it’s time for financial advisers and accountants to start talking to clients about tax loss selling in stocks, something that we should probably all think about in May rather than June, but whatever. It works like this. Assuming you pay Capital Gains Tax, many of you don’t, on June 30th…

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