sophisticated investors

Stock Market Secrets: Unsophisticated Investors

“Sophisticated investors are people who have a level of wealth and or expertise in the market that excuses the seller of a financial product from the regulatory duty of care. Sophisticated investors are deemed to be smart enough or big enough to look after themselves. Someone with savoir-faire”. Well, in many cases, that’s a laughing…

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Tom Wegner surfing around the Mentawai islands in Indonesia

Life at 25

Tom Wegner It’s a pleasure to write for you all this morning, my name is Tom and I have been working alongside Marcus, Henry and Chris for 3-years now (I do all the hard work, they take all the glory). I am 25 and I live with my twin brother Liam. At the moment I…

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Oil fields affecting the oil price

Oil Price Correlations

The oil price is ticking up after the OPEC+ (OPEC plus Russia) meeting in early December, which saw Saudi Arabia push for the deepest production cuts in a decade. Oil up 2%. OPEC pumps 40% of the World’s oil. They increased production cuts by 500,000 barrels to 1.7m barrels a day – 372,000bpd by OPEC…

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Growth Beats Income

I know a lot of you hold big holdings in banks for income, so have we, but it has, in hindsight, been one of the biggest Australian investment mistakes of the last five years. In the last five years, as you know, the banks have been pummelled. It all started with a Commonwealth Bank rights…

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Great Returns

A question from the Stock Discussion Group: “Silly question but what would you consider to be a great, an average, and a poor return, from the stock market”. After two days of writing about that (CLICK HERE) and a night infront of the spreadsheets with a bottle of red wine for company, this table turned…

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