Buy and Sell Forex Trading

Stock Market Secrets: Forex Trading

YOU TOO CAN BE A FOREX TRADER So the $A goes through parity, in the other direction this time, and again every Tom Dick and Harry is suddenly a currency expert. The same thing happened when it first rose through parity in October 2010. It’s as if the Aussie dollar hitting the big figure miraculously…

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Marcus Today on Life: Tulipomania

1623, Tulip Mania. A single tulip bulb sells for a thousand Dutch florins, seven times the average annual wage. The average tulip trader makes sixty thousand florins a month. 400 times the annual wage. 40 bulbs sell for 100,000 florins. You could have bought 3,333 pigs for the same price. People were selling possessions to…

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ASX Education: 11.7%pa for 33 years

From 1941 to the low in 1974, the average annual compound return on the All Ordinaries Index for 33 years was 2.9 per cent per annum. Take off inflation of 4 per cent and you were going backwards. And that doesn’t include 1929 to 1941, which would have pulled it even lower. In the next…

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Stock Market Secrets: Hail Caesar Las Vegas

Stock Market Secrets: Hail Caesar

Anyone who’s been to Las Vegas will know what I mean when I say it’s a place that everyone has to visit but no one wants to stay. I tried to get married again. Elvis was prepared to pick us up from out hotel in a stretch limo, take us to the chapel, be our…

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ASX Education: How to make a Million

I ask for Stupid Questions in my newsletter and I get them. Here’s one memorable one: “I have $10,000 and want to turn it into a million dollars. How do I do it?” You’re thinking “How Stupid” but there are no stupid questions in this game and if you think about it, it’s actually a…

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