BUY HOLD SELL – Betmakers (ASX: BET)

Betmakers (ASX: BET) is a back-end technology and data platform for online wagering operations in Australia and around the world. Not a gambling company just to be clear. The stock is up more than 450% in the last year, helped by an acquisition, a growing footprint in the US and the backing of a sector…

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How to play the housing market

How to play the housing boom in the ASX

The Easter conversation that bounced around the walls of my parent’s house focused on property. Tom, when are you going to buy a house? Where would you like to live? Why would you buy there? Can you afford to live there? Have you been saving for a deposit? Maybe you should ask Marcus for a…

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airtasker (ASX: ART) buy hold sell

BUY HOLD SELL – Airtasker (ASX: ART)

Another hot listing for this week’s Buy Hold Sell, Airtasker (ASX: ART). As pointed out in the Facebook group, it is arguably too early to provide as  in-depth an appraisal of the company as we usually do, nor apply a rating to it. Instead, we have decided to orientate the piece as more of a…

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Nuix (ASX: NXL) buy hold sell


Nuix (ASX: NXL) was the biggest float of 2020 and soared more than 50% on its first day. Investment banks couldn’t get enough of it and many missed out on their desired allocation. Some speculated that it was a function of the improving macro picture combined with a lack of desirable floats in 2020 that…

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Polynovo (ASX: PNV) is a medical device making company that designs, develops and manufactures dermal regeneration solutions using its patented biodegradable polymer technology. The technology which looks a bit like a foam sheet or a sponge, helps the body use its own mechanisms to repair damaged tissue. Commonly used to treat burns and traumatic wounds.…

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IVE Group (ASX: IGL) – Scanning through the ALL ORDS spreadsheet for the top performers over the last month, IVE group stood out as one that has flown under the radar. Up an impressive 380% since its March low. Solid fundamentals and a recently simplified business structure.  It is essentially a marketing company. The tagline from the website adds a bit more gloss and flavour but that is the long and short of it. Catalogue production/letterbox…

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Lynas Corp (ASX: LYC) – It’s one of the top performers in the ALL ORDS over the last six months. An attractive growth trajectory. Henry’s been onto this one for a while. About time we put it through the BHS filter. LYC is the world’s second largest producer of separated Rare Earths, and the only…

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Technology Stocks

What the Tech?

The Vaccine/Biden inspired rally and subsequent rotation into ‘value’ stocks struck down by the pandemic has helped the market print its best month since March 1988. It’s left a lot of investors wondering, what the Tech? Energy stocks have been the best performers last month, surging by almost 30% vs the market up 11.2%. The…

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