The Dog Basket - Puppies in basket

The Dog Basket – The A (to Z) Team

There is a well-known investment theory of mean reversion. What were dogs one year becoming superstars the next. It is something we have adopted in the Marcus Today newsletter with some of our so-called ‘Corona Packs’. These are six-packs of stocks that cover a theme or sector, and give investors a more concentrated and focussed alternative…

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Emerging lithium miners - Li periodic table

Emerging Lithium Miners

What a year it has been. One standout story this year has been the transition from fossil fuels and ICE’s (internal combustion engines) to the new clean and green world of Electric Vehicles. The ‘go to’ commodity for this climate change buster is, of course, lithium. We only have to look at the recent results…

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What is the metaverse


What is the metaverse and how does an Australian investor get exposure to it? The 21st century has seen a bigger revolution than the steam engine or the Spinning jenny. The internet has profoundly changed our lives in every way imaginable. Whether it is in education, healthcare, social media or entertainment, being able to interact…

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Three Resource Stocks Stocking

Three Resource Stocks for your Stocking

2021 has been the ‘Year of the Vaccine’ and what it has meant for your investments. Obviously there have been winners and losers, the ASX 200 has rallied from 6500 to 7400 as conditions have returned to normal or at least the new normal. CV19 has produced some strange winners and highlighted the strong businesses…

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