I have read [an Australian Financial Newspaper] for many years (front to back) to gain insight and knowledge on Shares and Investing. I can’t believe the depth of information, readability and presentation contained in your Newsletter and now feel more confident than ever to understand the complexities of investing in a very readable, concise yet in depth facility of your Newsletter.

Congratulations – I look forward to being associated with your Company for many years to come.

I. McDonald

I really enjoy your commentary on individual stocks and on the market in general. Your daily commentary is something that I cannot do without, a bit like chocolate, or ice cream!  Transparent. It’s like talking to your best mate over a beer (or coffee).

S. Harris

Share ideas, an independent view on markets, and as a sanity check!  Well done on your service.

G*** C***

I wanted a one stop shop with solid unbiased views on the market and the economy. By subscribing I have cut out a lot of noise which has given me clear focus. Marcus Today has all the tools I need such as the Stock Box, Portfolios, Database and the new Facebook group which is wonderful.

R*** W***

Hello Marcus/Team, your common sense, practicality, teaching, and stock selection is much appreciated… I do appreciate your application in trying to do your best for us ‘punters’ out here. Your innovations in trying various presentations and approaches will strike a chord for many. Henry also seems to fit in well, with some inspiration, balance and common sense also. As we learn along the way, we can’t get it right always, but a few good ones more than make up for the duds. Marcus, you seem to have recruited and developed a good team.

D*** D***

Hi Henry

Just some feedback. I joined Marcus Today just over a year ago and love it…when you guys launched the small cap section you had me hooked…I read every single word of the small cap section. Last year you mentioned you went to a tech conference and there were about 20 companies at the conference and you were interested in about 5…TITOMIC, TTT was one of those companies. You didn’t recommend it or even buy it…but you showed an interst so I looked them up. Then someone put it on the Insiders Club. I purchased at 50c and today I sold a very large parcel and more than doubled the money in my superfund. So thanks…… I would never have found it so early without Marcus Today….to have a customer for life…



Hello Marcus and Team.

I’d just like to say that with your help I have had a good year.

Total Returns including Dividends but excluding Tax (which I don’t pay at present) is a nice 24.29%.

Thank you.

Kindest regards,

Kxx Bxxxx

Hi Cath,

Thanks for the subscription offer. There isn’t the air of paranoia, egotism and hard sell that is displayed in many similar organisations. Best of all, Marcus seems like a down-to-earth, smart guy with a sense of humour and good communication skills.

regards ..

L** K***

LucasFunds Manager