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Initially I subscribed after reading your newspaper articles and seeing you on the ABC over a number of years, realising that ‘he thinks like me’, no fluff, to the point with a bit of humour. What I like about the newsletter is that your team does the initial work, alerts me to stocks I probably wouldn’t read about, and then I do my own analysis and before making a decision. This I enjoy but it also gives me more time for other endeavours.

D*** R***05/07/2019

Essentially a place I can go to get everything I need that is stock related… I really like seeing how you manage the growth portfolio. In particular, what stocks you are adding and why… I also enjoy the humour both Marcus and Henry inject into the newsletter.

N*** R***05/07/2019

I like the “down to earth, tell it like it is” language of Marcus Today as well as a wealth of information and daily updates (3 times a day) which keep me well informed.

M*** R***05/07/2019

Why I subscribe is to go to ONE SITE and get ALL the information I require news and world events in brief. What’s happening stockwise as well. I like the simplicity of the layout.  And one thing I dislike are price movements shown in percentages, real dollars and cents are what you put in the bank.  Keep up the good work and you keep my subscription.

T*** L***05/07/2019

Quick access to a wide range of updated information, quickly. I like reading about the range investment ideas, gaining an understanding of strategies adopted by different people, and developing/adapting to my investments over time.

M*** W***05/07/2019

I subscribe to quickly and accurately get a finger on the pulse of what’s going on in the markets today. I notice there are times when the road seems clear ahead and I feel confident to invest or sell . Those times are valuable and I’m happy to sit and observe until they come. You guys are all I need to run a portfolio worth a couple of million with confidence, and have done so for years.

T*** V***05/07/2019

Share ideas, an independent view on markets, and as a sanity check!  Well done on your service.

G*** C***05/07/2019

I was almost fully invested in the market in 2008. As a result, I took a bath. I want guidance to help prevent me making the same mistake again. You are my canary in the coal mine.

D*** F***05/07/2019

I like the daily commentary because it is both granular in the daily here and now, as well as grounded in a longer-term market narrative. Commentaries are insightful and authoritative within the constraints of a daily feed. Commentaries are also candid about the uncertainties, dilemmas and mind games associated with market assessments. I value the tools and resources, but I rely more on Stock Doctor for ongoing portfolio management tools…. Above all, I subscribe because of the simple and insightful connections drawn between daily market events and long-term emerging trends – enabling the reader to be challenged by the quick snap shots of future implications for companies/sectors/countries/portfolios.

M*** F***05/07/2019

I wanted a one stop shop with solid unbiased views on the market and the economy. By subscribing I have cut out a lot of noise which has given me clear focus. Marcus Today has all the tools I need such as the Stock Box, Portfolios, Database and the new Facebook group which is wonderful.

R*** W***05/07/2019