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I keep renewing because you follow the KISS principle – Keep It Simple Stupid.

Sufficient facts to be credible.

Comments when they are required. When there is nothing new, you say so. You don’t make up stuff.

When you make a mistake, you own up and say so. All goes to credibility.

Keep going. I like what you are doing and I find your guidance invaluable.

R*** M***

I subscribe to MT for information on how the market is going mainly. I am not a trader and am fairly conservative in my investments, the main thing I want to know is if there is another GFC event coming, so the newsletter will hopefully give me a heads up there.

I do like articles on the bigger companies or more top end heavy portfolios like your Top 50 portfolio.

P*** D***

You and your team are already providing what customers expect… You call a spade a spade and provide a personal touch with your humour and opinion… The newsletter caters for all levels of investor across a broad range of stocks and other instruments… without running a personal agenda or sales spin. I feel that your balance is perfect at the moment. Henry runs the SSP which focuses on small to middle market capital growth and income stocks for the investor that may want to take a bit more risk. Chris is doing an excellent job on the portfolio side of things which is good for the less “risk tolerant” and income type of investors, while you provide general market commentary, insights and themes.

J*** G***

To receive straight forward honest advice without the bullshit and without the relentless push by most newsletters to try and constantly upsell you. I’ve only been a subscriber for about a month and already feel that I am getting excellent value for my investment.

S*** C***

Very good commentary about the workings of the stock market, good coverage of lesser known stocks and excellent strategic advice.

M*** S***

1. You are not a Broker as such, therefore I place more credence to your information.
2. Your suggestions and comments tend to align with my thoughts and ideas. Call it confirmation bias if you like.
3. Your article last week re what goes on behind the scenes with Brokers is just what I’ve been looking for. It confirmed my suspicions about what “skulduggery” they get up to behind the scenes. I have often “banged on” to my investing friends about how the “big guys” don’t buy or sell at the going price. If they want to buy they will push the price down and the opposite if they want to sell. So what. I’d do the same IF I have the money that they have to Play with. Several of my friends have now been convinced and purchased subscriptions (one for 2 yrs I think). Knowing what moves the market helps me learn to be a better player in this game of “snakes and ladders”.
I hope these few comments give you some insight as to why I subscribe to Marcus Today.

T*** H***

Only been actively trading for 6months and while watching Your Money, I found Henry to be trusted source of information. I enjoyed his persona and commentary around stocks.  Subscribed to Marcus Today shortly after. 3 emails a day, with whats happening in the market (and around the world) that’s easy and enjoyable to read.

L*** Q***

Initially I subscribed after reading your newspaper articles and seeing you on the ABC over a number of years, realising that ‘he thinks like me’, no fluff, to the point with a bit of humour. What I like about the newsletter is that your team does the initial work, alerts me to stocks I probably wouldn’t read about, and then I do my own analysis and before making a decision. This I enjoy but it also gives me more time for other endeavours.

D*** R***

Essentially a place I can go to get everything I need that is stock related… I really like seeing how you manage the growth portfolio. In particular, what stocks you are adding and why… I also enjoy the humour both Marcus and Henry inject into the newsletter.

N*** R***

Someone I can trust to help manage my SMSF

K*** O’D***