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For me it is all about buy ,hold and sell and the accuracy thereof

R*** D***

An industry professional cutting through ie It’s not buy and hold, it’s about an active investing approach, so do yourself a favour and learn something about trading. Candid assessment of his industry and the debunking of myth and mystique. Lively daily chatter: informative and entertaining for those for whom the stock market is also something of a hobby.

J*** T***

Introduction to new companies. Broker views as well as Marcus Today views on companies. Close of market prices on various securities / commodities / FX. Another opinion on what’s going on in the market / the world

J*** R***

Marcus, I value your view on the market.I use your newsletter for assessing my balance of stocks, bonds, hybrids, cash, Overseas shares, RESI and unlisted real estate.

J*** S***

Just to keep me informed about the market, by someone who follows it in some detail, knows the ropes, and “tells it like it is” (as you say).

G*** S***

Don’t change anything! I subscribe because you tell it like it is – your background note last week about your ‘bovver’ mate and what really drives markets is just one example. These background stories provide an underlying confidence in the underlying investment strategy and reduces the tendency to make panic decisions.

Keep it coming and thank you.

L*** H***

Insight, understanding and some good suggestions.

W*** R***

I subscribe to outsource the initial stock selection process and to understand what your team are seeing in the Market. What I like most is your honest no-nonsense approach. Too many stocks on the ASX for me to cover them all, so I allow you to narrow the field of potential candidates. I take your recommendations and then research them in detail myself to decide if they are suitable for me and those whos money I manage.

G*** E***

Why I subscribe is to go to ONE SITE and get ALL the information I require news and world events in brief. What’s happening stockwise as well. I like the simplicity of the layout.  And one thing I dislike are price movements shown in percentages, real dollars and cents are what you put in the bank.  Keep up the good work and you keep my subscription.

T*** L***

You have a very succinct and good variety of daily info on ‘macro crap’ and also on companies through the ‘stockbox’ and daily newsletter. This all lets me get a ‘feel’ for the market and individual stocks. I also like that you include a world view as well. I would like to see the international stock boxes expanded.

C*** K***