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Financial education, stock ideas, prompt financial news and some interesting “off topic” narrative

V*** S***

I was almost fully invested in the market in 2008. As a result, I took a bath. I want guidance to help prevent me making the same mistake again. You are my canary in the coal mine.

D*** F***

I like the daily commentary because it is both granular in the daily here and now, as well as grounded in a longer-term market narrative. Commentaries are insightful and authoritative within the constraints of a daily feed. Commentaries are also candid about the uncertainties, dilemmas and mind games associated with market assessments. I value the tools and resources, but I rely more on Stock Doctor for ongoing portfolio management tools…. Above all, I subscribe because of the simple and insightful connections drawn between daily market events and long-term emerging trends – enabling the reader to be challenged by the quick snap shots of future implications for companies/sectors/countries/portfolios.

M*** F***

I wanted a one stop shop with solid unbiased views on the market and the economy. By subscribing I have cut out a lot of noise which has given me clear focus. Marcus Today has all the tools I need such as the Stock Box, Portfolios, Database and the new Facebook group which is wonderful.

R*** W***

To receive information which is useful in managing our SMSF. This has included specific share info, general comments on what you think market is going to do, ‘heads up’ on different opportunities/dangers the market presents at various times. I also find the succinct daily reports interesting.

L*** S***

Hello Marcus/Team, your common sense, practicality, teaching, and stock selection is much appreciated… I do appreciate your application in trying to do your best for us ‘punters’ out here. Your innovations in trying various presentations and approaches will strike a chord for many. Henry also seems to fit in well, with some inspiration, balance and common sense also. As we learn along the way, we can’t get it right always, but a few good ones more than make up for the duds. Marcus, you seem to have recruited and developed a good team.

D*** D***

The newsletter is one of the highlights of my day. It’s brill.

B*** D***

MT provides personal, honest opinions and writings from Henry and Marcus that make the report extremely educational. Quick information on what is going on in the premarket report and judgement calls on company reports and announcements…not a copy and paste from the company that I won’t understand… Marcus shares a lot of his experience of years in the market…He keeps repeating things like the dangers of reporting season and confession season. People learn through repetition, and they need to be constantly reminded of the dangers before they fire up the computer.

L*** Mc***

I like your frank reporting on your investing  decisions both good and bad.  The others  try to hide their mistakes.

J*** L***

I am retired with a SMSF to live off. I enjoy investing and the mental challenge of picking, buying and selling, Enough about me.

I selected you for my newsletter for this year (coming off FNARENA) because you have:

  • Opinions about companies to go with the data (Stockbox)
  • you report long and short analysts
  • you report on market and theme based stories.
J*** C***