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I enjoy the ideas and information contained in the daily news .It helps with managing my SMSF, thank you!

R*** K***

I like the short and to the point Stocks in the End of The Day section, specifically with emphases on the stock with a “big” jump in value. Never use Market Map section and I can’t imagine why anyone will use it. I am often looking for Henry and now Chris’ confirmation of my ideas regarding what to buy. This is very helpful. To be able to ask questions and get short/long answers is very important for me. I love Henry’s Take section … again it’s an excellent place to confirm my ideas with an experienced professional. Keep it to the point, without telling me history of the humankind.

A*** L****

Easy. No bull. No crap. No hassle

C*** W***


Just keep telling it like it is. No bullshit, no sales-pitch, no hidden agendas, no excuses or blaming, no game-playing.

If you get it right, tell us how. If you get it wrong, tell us how. Sick to death of brokers, commentators and newsletter spruikers who pedal bullshit in their own interests, akin to the barbers who always “advise” you to get a haircut.

Keep being different.

G*** D***

An information source to assist idea generation and market overviews allowing the investor (me) to make my own decisions.
– Broaden perspective
– Alternative views
– Big picture themes
– Idea generator, company analysis
– Mid-small cap company introductions valuable, hard for retail investors to be aware of potential opportunities to follow

S*** W***

I subscribe to Marcus Today as I am especially interested in

1. the articles on the ‘hot’ areas of the markets, eg. oil, gold etc; and world events that are likely to effect our markets; and
2. I got my first five bagger this year, PNV, and would like to think I could do it again. Thus especially like Henry’s tips on smaller stocks.

G*** R***

I am overseas on holiday at the moment but your newsletter is first preference to read each day – great news clips, love the thoughts on the company updates & following some of your portfolio suggestions. I also enjoy your views on whether you are being cautious, selling or buying overall etc as I have found the last couple of years particularly challenging in the markets (I have been investing for about 30 years and have subscribed to many publications along the way).

C*** M***

Simple really, I’m getting to that stage where I should be taking a far greater interest in my SMSF than I have been. I’m lucky in as much that a considerable amount is going into it, which has lulled me into being lazy. Having a reasonable handle on TA, having used and been a part of MDSNews in the past, but not knowing where to start looking, the information that you provide is excellent, making it easy to make decisions on where to invest my funds.

Really happy being a subscriber, keep up the good work!

B*** P***

The reason I subscribe and have done for several years are numerous. Yes all the things you covered in your preamble, honesty, tell us how it is, stockbox etc. etc. brings me back to the ‘fold’.  However what I really think it is, is that I can personally relate both Marcus’s & Henry’s mental demeaner. Its not something you can bottle and sell. You either have it or you don’t.  These guys don’t put themselves on a pedestal, they stuff things up as well, this also helps me mentally knowing that even the best are infallible. There is lots of good stuff in this newsletter but most of all it is the integrity behind the words.

Keep up the good words

G*** M***

Love your work! …. multiple reasons
1. Education that helps me do a better job eg I carry Marcus SELL missive from 2015(?) in my notebook, use the stock ATR numbers per stock in my spreadsheet and finally understood candles from the article earlier this year. IE gives me the tools!!!
2. Specific stock ideas to test what fits with my portfolio and objectives.
This includes Buy Hold Sell, Henry’s small stock portfolio ( I would never find these ideas elsewhere eg PNV) and understanding the ideas and structure in the growth, top50, and income portfolios. The ideas are really valuable.
Prompts me to do more research.
3. What’s happening in stock announcements and some ideas around movements albeit just a large fund mgr selling however what’s facts or just momentum.
Some context on specific stocks and the overall market.
4. BTW I have a LinkedIn account but never a Facebook account. However I opened a Facebook account just to get the Marcus stock discussions. Jury out however it demonstrates the power of your brand!

P*** H***