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17th Aug 2020 - Marcus Today Growth SMA

Marcus Today Growth SMA – MT0001

The Marcus Today Growth SMA is an Australian Equities fund focused on investment in growing companies. The SMA can hold up to 50 stocks and a cash weighting between zero and 100%.

There is no minimum amount that can be invested in any one stock, but it is unlikely any stock will hold a more than 10% weighting.

The SMA looks to achieve a superior compound total return from companies that have a high return on equity and that keep and reinvest their profits. The SMA operates with a roughly 80/20 split, a risk management decision to commit 80% of the fund to what we consider to be the best opportunities in large-cap (typically ASX 50 – ASX 100) stocks, with the remaining 20% of the fund is primarily used to target more aggressive growth plays.

The Growth SMA will suit investors seeking long-term growth, who are willing to assume a greater risk than an ASX 300 index fund in order to expose themselves to the potential to generate a return better than the ASX 300 in any given year.

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