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28th Aug 2020 - Marcus Today Income SMA

Marcus Today Equity Income SMA – MT0002

The Marcus Today Equity Income SMA is an Australian Equities fund focused on delivering the highest yield possible, while minimizing the risk of capital loss. The SMA can hold up to 50 stocks and a cash weighting between zero and 100%.

You won’t find the star growth stocks in this fund, we do that in our other SMA, but what you will find are large, well-researched companies that possess both a good earnings and distribution history. This strategy sees us primarily invested in high-yielding large-cap stocks within the ASX 50, with the ability to invest in smaller companies offering a strong income opportunity.

Whilst we have the mandate that allows us to go up to 100% cash we intend to remain fairly fully invested unless there is a significant market event. As such the Equity Income SMA looks to be close to fully invested in order to maximise income, although we will ‘trade’ themes and opportunities in income stocks, often around the dividend dates.

This portfolio will suit investors who are looking to generate an income stream from equities.

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