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Tuesday, 30 Oct 2018
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13 Reasons To Sell (And 12 Reasons To Buy)

As any half decent stockbroker can tell you, at any one point in time they can find a number of reasons to buy any stock and any market, and at the same time also be able to list a number of reasons to sell the same stock and the same market.

That’s how broking works. Finding buyers and sellers at the same time. So lets do that:

  • The anniversary of the 1929 crash in the US was last night. Irrelevant but spooky.
  • The All Ordinaries index has just completed a "Death Cross" for the first time in 3 years (the 50 day moving average drops through the 200 day moving average).
  • US stocks are over-priced.
  • Peak earnings for US technology stocks.
  • The UK Budget last night included a 2% tax on the turnover...Continue Reading

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