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Thursday, 13 Dec 2018
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Australia Is Not The US

We are not out of the woods clearly, the volatility remains. The Dow was up 458 at best last night and gave away 300 points into the close. That follows five days of the Dow Jones trading in a 500 point range for the first time in 10 years. Happy to see the market attempt to rally, but the technical picture is still pretty ugly and the buy signals are only very short term so far.

Despite that dose of reality I’m very happy to report that in the last three days including today, the MT GROWTH PORTFOLIO has markedly outperformed the rising market, even outperforming the 1.38% rise in the ASX 200 yesterday. The large quality growth stocks growth stocks (ALL, ASX, COH, CPU, CSL, MQG, REA, RMD, SEK, TWE, WEB) that hurt us badly in the sell-off are leading the rebound. Let’s

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