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Make life simple take the hassle out of investment with low brokerage and management fees, you retain beneficial ownership of your shares, and have 24/7 transparency via website.

Application Forms:


How to apply:

  1. You pick which type of SMA you would like to open, fill in your application form.
  2. An explanation of the different entities that can apply can be found HERE.
  3. You will need to attach your 100 points of Certified ID.
  4. You will need to attach cetain pages of your Trust or SMSF documents (the schedule/signatory pages need to be certified).
  5. On receipt we check and certify your application and documents.
  6. We will need a signed application/page 6 to confirm the opening of your account.
  7. Your SMA account and Investor Portal allow you to view your investments 24/7.
  8. The Praemium Investor Portal guide can be found HERE.
  9. Your funds are transferred in either via BPAY or Direct Debit from your linked bank account (used in the initial application).
  10. Funds can take 1–3 days (especially with BPAY) to be visible in your Investor Portal.
  11. Once funds are received into your SMA, your funds will be allocated immediately and stocks will be bought and sold on your behalf.
  12. For further assistance or queries email
  13. You will be sent your Tax Pack and the SMA can produce most Tax documentation you will need.

Download list of who can certify your documents as being true and correct copies.

If it is all too complicated or for any reason talk to our team or send in your application to or call 0428 062 327. You can also send in your applications via Fax on 03 9867 2131 or post it to Chichi Nwokocha, Marcus Today Pty Ltd, PO Box 1020, St Kilda South, VIC 3182.