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My 2018 Advanced Education Course is called Stock Picking for the Active Investor with Marcus Padley - It is a one day course.

This course is for anyone who is actively, or wants to actively invest in individual shares. I will not teach you Chapter 1 of a technical or fundamental text book that you could read for yourself, instead I will be telling you how it really works, which involves learning realistic methods of making money in shares, not motherhood technical and fundamental theory, most of which doesn't work. I do believe there is "Dumb Money" and "Smart Money". This will teach you how to become a "Smart Money" investor.

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My 2018 Advanced Education Course is called - An Introduction to Finance and the Stock Market with Marcus Padley.

The course will appeal to anyone of any age who wants to learn basic financial concepts, understand super, understand your investment options and be introduced to the stock market. All presented in layman's terms.

Content includes:

  • Introduction to basic financial principles
  • Your investment options which includes the best investment in the whole
  • Property versus shares
  • Your Super
  • Introduction to the Stock Market
  • All delivered by Marcus Padley personally

The courses will run from 9:00am (arrive by 8:30am) to 12:30pm in CBD venues. Light refreshments included. Non-Members will also receive a one month complimentary membership to the Marcus Today newsletter.

I wish someone had taught me this stuff when I was growing up.

You can sign up on the links below - I look forward to seeing you or your loved ones and friends on the day.

If those dates don't suit you you can still buy a place and we will happily transfer it to another future event - we will be booking future event dates depending on demand.

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