We did a survey of Members in February 2017 looking for suggestions about how we could improve the newsletter. We got over 900 replies with Member feedback and suggested improvements and we have responded accordingly. Amongst the replies were the following Testimonials:

  • It is an excellent newsletter. Very informative. The display and content continually has improved.”
  • “The content is good (and always interesting in style) and consider good value for money.”
  • “Education section is brilliant. You're portfolios and buy/sell/hold are also very valuable.”
  • “I think that I have been a subscriber for two plus years and have signed on for two more. Readable, knowledgeable and succinct.”
  • “Excellent, comprehensive newsletter.”
  • “I think the trading section has been a fantastic initiative & i have enjoyed the education Thursday a lot. The newsletter has changed the way I invest now.”
  • “I like all the information, it helps me to process the information I can use for my portfolios.”
  • “I love the information provided. The trading section has been a great addition.”
  • “The newsletter has improved over the time I have been subscribing and I enjoy reading.”
  • “The sense of humour helps lighten things up a bit. Quotes of the day are always interesting. Thanks for all the work in putting a human touch to finances and the stock market.”
  • “I've been subscribing for 2-3 years now and have enjoyed the expansion.”
  • “The trading portfolio has really helped me understand how different stock picks can be for a trader vs an investor.”
  • “Henry's what to expect today is very helpful. Also the addition of Buy Sell or Hold regularly in the last six months is fantastic.”
  • “Quality has been maintained. I like the style of writing; concise and full of facts. Easily the best newsletter around.”
  • “The effort to educate about a traders perspective and how to use stop losses has been excellent.”
  • “Adding the Trading Portfolio and comments on links between Macro trends, individual sectors and stocks has been very insightful.”
  • “The daily trading section is excellent because it comes up with ideas that I could never come up with myself.”
  • “It’s an in-depth daily report ....content beats many other on line subscriptions”
  • “I think it reads well and includes a great summary of what has happened in the day interspersed with the different informative weekly articles.”
  • “Trading section is great tool for discipline and ideas (occasionally very profitable and reinforces MT knows what it is doing).”
  • “I have only found you just under 1 year ago and have loved every minute of it!”
  • “Love the style and tone of the newsletter.”
  • “The newsletter has been getting better in the time that we have been subscribing. This is the best subscription that we have used.”
  • “I find it really useful for someone with an interest but not that much in-depth knowledge. For those who do have the knowledge, there is plenty of in-depth materials as well.”
  • “The letter is one of the most informative share investor services around.”
  • “Your service is perfect for me. After dropping a bundle in 2008, I wanted "a canary in the coal mine" You fulfil that role.”
  • “It is refreshing factual and devoid of the American verbose style of reporting.”
  • “Love the economic insights and big picture stuff. That’s the main reason I subscribe.”
  • “The letter is concise enough to be read quickly but has sufficient information to delve deeper should one wish to.”
  • “A great newsletter. You call it as you see it. Informative across a broad spectrum.”
  • “Best newsletter to which I subscribe.”
  • “I now only subscribe to Marcus Today and I find it to be the most wonderful resource. I read all that I can on each stock that I own, and when looking to Buy/Sell, I find your Portfolios, a Stock Boxes, Database and articles to be of the most wonderful assistance. For your interest, I have culled: Intelligent Investor, Morningstar, The Eureka Report, and one other I can't remember. I am managing OK, but would be quite upset if you reduced your information at all. Kind regards, and thanks so much for your valuable insights.”
  • “Overall, a good product with the right balance of "breaking news" - great to explain stock price movements. This is my Go To place for background on ASX announcements. Also good for Heads Up macro events and the consequences on sectors or individual stocks.”
  • “Love the Newsletter - your articles and summaries provide guidance and knowledge not found anywhere else - thank you.”
  • “Great newsletter. I like the content and I find it's a good synopsis of what's happening or has happened every day.”
  • “Have been very happy with newsletter over time, have used it to educate self about shares, stock market, the connections shares, interest rates, bond markets, world events. Newsletter particularly valuable in times of high stock market volatility.”
  • “The whole newsletter has been enormously useful in educating me about share ownership and trading. Marcus' thoughtful writing about the state of the market at any time is excellent, helps decision making, what to look for.”
  • “Before joining the Marcus club I was very ignorant of the stock market. I am having a great education. Thank you to all involved in the report.”


  • "After trying various other newsletters I can say its refreshing to receive not only informative, honest, helpful and genuine comments, without the continuous barrage of other additional subscriptions continually offered by the majority of other so called newsletters. Keep up the good work, nothing is "broken so don't try and fix it". The recent changes that have been implemented are great and practical. P**** B***** 11/3/17
  • I find the newsletter to be a tremendous aid in following the market, and I particularly like the frank honesty in the Trading Portfolio section. It’s reassuring that you get it wrong, but provide straight forward advice as to managing the risks of trading/investing and also how to develop your own style of trading. Congratulations on a fine publication. Best wishes - L**** G**** 9/2/2017
  • Although I haven't met any of you face to face I have always felt grateful to you all every day. Thank you for being my trusted, informative and down to earth partner. It's been fun. Best wishes - N**** L**** 21/12/2016
  • Marcus and team - Thanks for the info on anti-Martingale and Pyramid accumulation strategies. I've learnt so much again this year and my SMSF trading plan is becoming more thorough and comprehensive because of your newsletter. Have a wonderful Christmas! Regards P*** J****
  • Allow me once again to thank you for your outstanding publication. I have not yet come across a similar product where I don’t have to worry whose interest the writer has in mind. With very best wishes - Peter V******* 21/11/16
  • Harold - I have no idea who the hell you are, but that piece just published on Marcus Today is terrific. As a person who refuses to adopt the description of "retired" I found your essay inspirational. Thank you. It helps that it is beautifully written. Kind Regards D*** R**** (who now calls himself a photographer) 26/11/2016
  • Excellent article by Marcus today on the need for a trading process (basic principle is listen to someone like Marcus with many years in the industry, and keep listening). I have two friends who have lost all their life sayings including the house, and one, his marriage, due to not having access to the type of wisdom displayed in that article. Whether they would have taken the advice is another story, but they sure got sucked in to three day $10,000 option trading courses and so on and so on. Putting all their faith and money into next best thing ideas sold to them by 20 something brokers probably still living at home and borrowing money off their parents! The greatest Preacher alive today, John Macarthur, believes people learn by repetition ..... keep repeating the truth and common sense until it sinks in to people’s heads. Keep it up Marcus , you just might save people from doing silly things with their hard earn’t money. Regards L***** Mc***** 1/12/2016
  • I have found Marcus and his team giving very valuable insights into specific shares and appreciate the frank and fearless advice given out in the newsletters. I have saved a lot of money this year due to the principles I have learnt along the way, in particular, the stop loss concept. I will have to admit my ignorance, but no one told me that stop losses could be set up, so I had to find out that the hard way. Furthermore, anytime I have asked about a technical matter, this was responded to in a very timely manner. Well done to the team. Glenn ******* 21/9/2016


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  • The best advice I have ever received is Marcus' insistence on putting stop losses in place! I've been stopped out of all but one, and I'm happy about it! Now I just have to know when to wade back in!! Thank you Marcus! NEAL A. 9/11/16
  • Could you pass onto Marcus & his team and tell them that they have been an invaluable source of information, honesty, & integrity, their guidance is beyond question. GMcD 09/07/2016
  • I spent many years wanting to subscribe but I could never justify it financially. However, I took the plunge last year and haven't looked back since. I have just signed up again without any hesitation for this next financial year. The newsletters and research are very interesting and of high quality. The humour in the writing also makes the reading enjoyable but also personable. I am looking forward to another great year. WM 29/6/2016
  • Thanks so much for the prompt inclusion of stock box explanation as I requested recently. I am a relatively new subscriber to your newsletter and must say that you do a fantastic job! I have previously subscribed to others (disappointedly) and believe that at last I have found what I have been looking for all this time. Thanks again and all the best. Carl, WA
  • I am continually amazed at how your comments are so transparent, realistic and unbiased – especially since you are able to remain part of the stockbroker community. It is refreshing to view your commentaries after enduring the same old broker-speak from the mainstream economic pundits. All the best to you and your family. Cheers - G*** S**** 20/7/2016
  • Great article on stop losses. You are unique in that no one else subscribes to the principle of selling. Thank God for you and your common sense. I love reading your articles and have read your book which was fantastic. Gary M 23/7/2016
  • I would also like to let you know that I have been very impressed with the quality of the Marcus Today newsletter during my initial six months. After comparing it to many other newsletters I am very happy to renew exclusively with Marcus Today.
  • Found your Market Call segment really informative, educational and practicable. Great meaty stuff. Ditto on Trading Portfolios and stop loss discipline enforcement. Very helpful guidance in this volatile environment. Thanks for your generosity in "sharing" your knowledge and experience, and honesty. P&G VIC 22/7/2016
  • I am VERY pleased I subscribed to your newsletter. Excellent stuff! Loved your book as well.
  • Gotta say – your Market Call commentary is really, really helpful. Cuts right through. Worth the subscription alone. Daryl, NSW
  • Thanks for sharing your wisdom and insights this year. When I started out a year ago as a self-funding retiree with no experience in the share market I was at a loss to find anybody in the industry whose advice I could trust. Your newsletter filled that gap for me. Your honesty and openness on the Marcus Today site mean a lot, not only in practical investment matters, but also in terms of that 'moral support' which is so vital to the morale of those of us who are solitary online investors.
  • Thanks so much Nina - I actually signed up for the trial yesterday. Marcus was amazing at the AIA conference - a big hit with the crowd.
  • I have subscribed for several years to a range of investment newsletters. Rarely do I renew my subscription being disappointed in the suggestions and advice typically offered. I don’t expect to make a fortune from these letters but I do expect a level of advice which is based on something more than tea-leaf reading. Marcus Today is an exception - and exceptional. The general philosophy is based on a refreshing level of integrity with a willingness to share both positive and negative perceptions and experiences and a total lack of pretence. At the same time, I value the underlying level of intellectual substance and have directly benefited from it. Most recently, Marcus' admonition to, “Have a plan” has served me especially well. When friends were panicking during the recent correction, I reviewed my portfolio, determined that it consisted mostly of solid holdings which would continue to do well in the medium to long haul (and the Newsletter was a helpful source in formulating this judgment) and slept well. Keep up the good work. I will certainly be renewing my subscription to Marcus Today when it falls due. John.
  • Just a big 'thank you' for the invaluable advice you are giving daily during this tough time. I find myself returning to your site repeatedly and finding it very helpful. As a new investor I am really appreciative of your logical and caring approach.
  • "MT is, without a doubt, spectacularly good value. In my opinion (and I think I’ve tried them all!) it’s light years ahead of the rest (no names, no packdrill). The ultimate test I guess would be would I pay more for your product if I had to. That’d be a ‘yes’ but hopefully that doesn’t happen too soon!"
  • "I have subscribed to your website for one year and would like to thank you for the insight and advice that has been provided. I have doubled the return on my portfolio and attribute this to the great advice."
  • "I absolutely love the newsletter.....I can’t speak highly enough of Marcus and the team."
  • "Just a big 'thank you' for the invaluable advice you are giving daily during this tough time. I find myself returning to your site repeatedly and finding it very helpful. As a new investor I am really appreciative of your logical and caring approach. Also your transparency - it's great to see you making mistakes and dealing with them."
  • "Finding a Commentator/Guiding Light Unit which ‘tells it, as it is’ is a miracle! Thank you all."
  • "Many thanks for the outstanding content, you really have developed the Newsletter and the site to where it is a key information resource on the Australian market."
  • "I have learnt so much about stocks since subscribing earlier this year."
  • "Excellent commentary from Marcus on the market today. The knowledge and discernment given today, is a perfect example of what sets this newsletter apart from all the others. His 30 something years experience in the market shines through!"
  • "Newsletter is fantastic. Particularly like the re-introduction of trades. Not sure about the crossword though...must be for the retirees :)" BMcM 3/8/16
  • "Excellent commentary from Marcus. The knowledge and discernment given today is a perfect example of what sets this newsletter apart from all the others . His 30 something year’s experience in the market shines through!"
  • "As a trader for over 25 years this is one of the best newsletters in the market."
  • "I've been a subscriber to your Newsletter for a few years now…the quality of your advice has taken your Newsletter (in my opinion) to a new level."
  • "Hi Marcus, I must say your selection and then to hold on to COH has been an outstanding call and trade. Thank you and well done Marcus."
  • "I am about to re-subscribe to Marcus Today after your brilliant 4th May call."
  • "Let me join others in congratulating you on the quality of the newsletter.
  • "More than once this year you've saved me the cost of subscription. I can't tell you how good it feels to be one step ahead of the pack."
  • "A subscription to "Marcus Today" is great value for the modest price."
  • "I have dropped several other subscriptions now as I have grown very selective of the information I allow myself to be exposed to."
  • "You've been proven right - your frankness is refreshing."
  • "Brilliant! Your subscription cost, is not a cost."
  • "I have never subscribed to anything in my life and did not expect to last this long with Marcus Today. It has been nearly two years now and I have learnt a lot. Keep up the good work Marcus and the team."
  • "Your newsletter has saved us a bundle."
  • "Your 4th August 2011 call in particular was stellar."
  • "Thanks for saving me HEAPS."
  • "Keep calling it as you see it, your frankness is refreshing."
  • "I LOVE your Newsletter! I no longer read the Fin section of the SMH and have stopped buying the Fin Review."
  • "I very much appreciate a great service from Marcus Today."
  • "You have a real talent explaining/presenting... and knowing what we need!!
  • "Congratulations on the magnificent, prompt, succinct and comprehensive job that you have done in covering this seasons Financial Reports."
  • "Until I subscribed I struggled with technical indicators… But now I can now see the buy and sell signals. I feel more in control of the portfolio than I have ever been."
  • "The newsletter is my guilty pleasure each day and I really appreciate the wide range of topics you cover. I think it gives me an "insiders" perspective on the investment landscape. I really like the new website layout and colours etc."
  • "Your newsletter has been a great help over the current crisis and has saved us a bundle"
  • "It has helped me increase my portfolio worth with planning and strategy. I am already turning those fund managers' losses into profits!"
  • "I find that your stock box with a paragraph or two you write on the company, along with continual follow ups on the trade, gives me all that I need to make my trading decisions."
  • "I really appreciate your work, and would do a testimonial for you at any time."
  • "Your subscription cost, is not a cost."
  • "One good thing about your letter is that you tell no BULL S***. It still amazes me why 99% of the broking industry are bullish on a falling market."
  • "Was a pleasure meeting you yesterday. I got more out of your half hour presentation that I have gotten out of anything in my life. Your one stock mentality makes so much sense. Once again thank you."
  • "I rejoice in reading your next instalment of pure common sense."
  • "Loved the video on PTM today. Hopefully the first of many such videos. Very very good. It is another good example of the clarity your newsletter offers in the otherwise noisy (dare I say muddy) investment universe. I have dropped several other subscriptions now as I have grown very selective of the information I allow myself to be exposed to."
  • "Gotta say – your Market Call commentary is really, really helpful. Cuts right through. Worth the subscription alone?"


/admin/images/dynamic/image1302604588854656277.jpgAt the insistence of my team, the people who work in this business and rely on its success, here are some of our unsolicited testimonials.

As you will read, a subscription to Marcus Today more than pays for itself, in some cases many many times over.

This success is in stark contrast to the perpetually optimistic habits of competitors in our space who have called the bottom on every bounce, who spin hollow guesswork and hindsight information as sage advice from positions of trust, and whose only ammunition appears to be a series of "conviction" buy recommendations that lack any timing skill or effort and come at the expense of their customers, clients, watchers, subscribers and listeners.

Marcus Today calls it as it is without agenda, puts subscribers first, and it has paid off for real people with real money. That's what these testimonials tell us.

We publish them for the sake of our business and because if we keep getting testimonials like these, and you read them and send them to others, it will pay off for us too. From a commercial point of view it is a necessity.

Meanwhile keep reading and subscribing. If there's one thing you can be sure of, and these testimonials are witness to, it is that you are going to hear it from us "as it is". It may not be what you want to hear, but it will be honest, interesting, educational, entertaining and it will put you first.

I hope you agree.

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It is very good for our business if you do. Thanks very much.