Come and join me as I set off on my annual education tour - my courses have been endorsed by the Australian Investors Association.

I am offering Advanced and Beginner courses. The places and dates are shown on the buttons below - you can click on the buttons to book an appropriate course. Seek your own tax advice but course fees, accommodation, travel expenses can be deductible for tax purposes.

In light of the Hayne Royal Commission I encourage all of you to at least attend a beginner's class - this will teach you a base level of financial literacy which will empower you to make your own financial decisions and set your own financial goal. No matter how many layers of financial regulation, you still need to take responsibnility for your own financial outcomes - my beginner's course will set you up to do that.  

Limited seats I'm afraid. If we book up please go on a waiting list and we will consider arranging other dates for courses.

Any queries, or if you would like to book by phone or email please call Seaniese or Chichi on 0458 009 821 or email us at


The Advanced course is about stock picking and is aimed at investors who have some stock market experience, are probably buying and selling stocks, may be running an SMSF and do not need to have the basics explained. This course is about how to pick, build and manage an equity portfolio.

Please note: Melbourne and Sydney Advanced has sold out but you can add your name to the waiting list.

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This is a day with Marcus for $750. I'll assume you know about the stock market and how to deal in shares but are now looking for an insight into how to pick stocks. The content will include:

  • A look at professional funds management and how its done, something that may give you some ideas about how to manage your own equities.
  • What moves a share price.
  • The traditional but essential art of how to do fundamental analysis, quickly.
  • Technical analysis including your own chart set up to quickly assess a stock.
  • The non-traditional art of flow analysis which involves working out who is doing what in a particular stock.
  • Where stock ideas come from.
  • How to manage a stock or stock portfolio.
  • Some of the best software and sources of information.
  • Bad habits.
  • Biggest errors.
  • Establishing your own process.

...and we finish with a networking drink and a Q&A session. Just click on the blue buttons above to book your place. We do usually fill up quickly so please try and book early. If you do not see a convenient time or place for you to attend a course please call or email Seaniese or Chichi at or call us on 0458 009 821 to lodge your interest in another venue or go on a waiting list - all of which will help us when organising our next Educational tour.

This is your opportunity to spend an educational day with Marcus and ask any financial questions you like - the seminars are good fun and very rewarding for both of us - they are a great opportunity for me to meet you and for you to meet other like minded investors, form a group even.

What’s included:

  • An entertaining Educational Day with Marcus ($750)
  • Lunch, light refreshments and a drink during/afterwards ($110pp)
  • Non-Members will also receive a one month complimentary membership to the Marcus Today newsletter ($75) or a one month extension on your existing subscription.
  • One year Membership of the AIA ($135)
  • Total value over $1,000 for just $750!

I will not teach you Chapter 1 of a technical or fundamental text book that you could read for yourself or cover predictable content that some much more expensive but ultimately misguided courses will offer you. Instead I will be telling you how it really works, which involves learning a realistic process for assessing shares and making money out of shares, not motherhood technical and fundamental theory, most of which doesn’t work. There is “Dumb Money” and “Smart Money”. I will teach you how to become a “Smart” investor.


The beginners course takes three hours for $199. I am running them in the evenings so as not to disturb your work. This seminar is appropriate for all ages including your children. I wish someone had taught me this stuff when I was growing up. I look forward to seeing you or your loved ones and friends on the day.

Please note: Melbourne Beginners has sold out but you can add your name to the waiting list.

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The course will appeal to anyone of any age who wants to learn basic financial concepts, understand Super, understand some simple Super investment options and be introduced to the stock market. All presented in layman’s terms. It includes an after course drink and Q&A. Content includes:

  • Some basic financial concepts we should all know.
  • An easy way to set financial goals.
  • An explanation of Super.
  • The best options for your Super.
  • Property versus Shares.
  • An introduction to the stock market.
  • How to buy and sell shares.
  • Basic tools for stock selection.
  • An introduction to fundamental and technical analysis.
  • Your opportunity to ask any financial questions you like.

What’s included:

  • An entertaining Educational evening with Marcus ($199).
  • Light refreshments and a drink during/afterwards.
  • Non-Members will also receive a one month complimentary membership to the Marcus Today newsletter ($75) or an extension of your current subscription.
  • One year Membership of the AIA ($135).
  • Total value over $400 for just $199!


Terms and Conditions - the big print:


  • Places are limited so please book early.
  • Registrations close one day prior to the event.
  • Participants are encouraged to register for our seminars online via the buttons above.
  • Registrations can be taken over the phone by calling Seaniese or Chichi on 0458 009 821.
  • If you are unable to register online forward your interest to book a ticket to us at
  • A written confirmation will be emailed to you upon receiving the registration.
  • All costs are inclusive of GST.
  • The attendee will be advised if there are any changes or if the seminar is fully booked.


  • Invoices are payable upon booking your seat.
  • You may cancel your booking seven days before the event at no charge with all proceeds refunded.
  • You may also transfer your course to a new date seven days before the event at no charge.
  • All cancellation notifications must be in writing and emailed to
  • In the event that you are not able to attend on the day due to illness and cancel within the seven day period you will need to provide a medical certificate to receive a refund.
  • If cancelling within a seven day period of the event and a day before the event you are entitled to a 50% refund.
  • If cancelling on the day of the event there is no refund.
  • You may send someone in your place if you cannot attend.
  • In the event of insufficient registrations, or unforeseen circumstances, all registration payments will be refunded.


  • Seek your own tax advice but Course fees, Accommodation, Travel Expenses can be deductible for tax purposes if you are:
  • Upgrading your qualifications for your current role.
  • Improving your skills or knowledge used in your current role.
  • You are a trainee and the course you take forms part of the traineeship.
  • Able to show the course you were taking led to, or was likely to lead to, an increase in your current salary.