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Thursday, 20 October 2016
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Why subscribe to Marcus Today

The core of Marcus Today is stock picking for our portfolios and for trades. We are portfolio managers and run two funds in real life (a Growth SMA and an Income SMA) and we publish similar portfolios plus changes in our thinking in the newsletter. We also include a Top 50 Portfolio. You can follow our portfolios through the newsletter or just let us do it for you by investing as we do in our own SMAs (Separately Managed Accounts). If you would like to invest with us CLICK HERE.

  • We also provide daily trading ideas in our TRADING PORTFOLIO section. This has become one of the main attractions of the newsletter because it works in a disciplined manner with every trade including a manually rolled stop loss which allows us to cut losses and let our profits run.
  • We provide an EDUCATION on a host of subjects. Explaining how the stock market works is a key part of the Marcus Today foundations, from trading, to portfolio management, to technical analysis, fundamentals, financial life. This resource includes a library of Educational articles.
  • A daily QUESTION OF THE DAY section which answers Member questions in the newsletter.
  • TECHNICAL FRIDAY - Every Friday we take a look at the market and sectors from a technical standpoint and make conclusions from those about which stocks we should be in, buying, worrying about.
  • IN DEPTH RESEARCH - We provide in depth analysis of stocks that have come on our radar, we call them BUY HOLD SELLS.  
  • MACRO MONDAY - On Monday we set you up for the week with a look at the major events in the week and month ahead. This includes a weekly overview of the market and sector themes and events. Themes help pick stocks and we check on the changes going on, the sectors that are running and falling and what to do about it.
  • ALL THE NUMBERS IN AN EXCEL SPREADSHEET - We provide a regular sortable spreadsheet of all the numbers on the the stocks in the All Ords index.
  • ARCHIVE - We include a searchable Archive of all newsletters.
  • DATABASE - We provide a database of stocks - all our content on that stock in chronological order in one place.
  • We offer our unpatented STOCK BOX on the website. Enter a stock code and access historic and forecast numbers plus a host of other useful information.
  • FINANCIAL ADVICE - We also run a financial services business. If you are interested in our other financial services please CLICK HERE - fill in a few details and one of my colleagues will contact you to explain.
  • END OF DAY REPORT - A subscription includes an End of Day report which is emailed directly to Members and is also published on the website.
  • WEEKLY NEWSLETTER - A subscription includes our weekly newsletter on Saturday that includes links to a lot of our more interesting daily content and a short summary of overnight market moves on Friday night and the main market events of the next week.
  • RETIREMENT TODAY - A subscription includes our weekly RETIREMENT TODAY article written by Harold our resident retiree who has been managing his own SMSF (his wife has a separate one!) and is happy to share his experiences and insights on investment and retirement.

Daily we offer:

  • An overnight market report including tables.
  • A business press summary.
  • Announcements that day.
  • A section called "What to expect today".
  • A weekly and daily diary.
  • Information on dividends coming up.
  • A summary of relevant broker research.
  • A interesting or humourous quote of the day.

Our MARKET CALL section includes the following regular themes through the week:

  • MACRO MONDAY - Sector and Macro themes relevant to stock picking.
  • STOCKS TUESDAY - Buy Hold Sells and other ideas for the Portfolios.
  • PORTFOLIO WEDNESDAY - A look at the Portfolios and a discussion of any changes or issues.
  • EDUCATION THURSDAY - Learn something new (or old) about the stock market/trading/investing.
  • TECHNICAL FRIDAY - A technical look at sectors and markets.

The subscription also includes a 30 day Money Back Guarantee.

We have been in business since 1998 with a very sticky customer base with a very high (over 80%) re-subscription rate. We are not Cowboys with hard core sales teams pushing subscriptions on people who will not re-subscribe. We are not after a momentary inappropriate subscription from people we have 'sold' we are after long term Members. Some have been with us since the beginning.

Our brand is "Telling it as it is" and after 18 years in business we would not exist if we departed from that brand promise. And we are not a cover for some CFD platform that pays us kickbacks or any other underhand agenda as many of our competitors are.



Go to our subscription page and enter the Promotional Code MTDEAL and see our prices change.

If you are not a Member of Marcus Today then see below why you should become one - Why subscribe to Marcus Today - Its all here:


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