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Saturday, 22 July 2017
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We all have our own Inside Information. Not illegal inside information, but an insight into a company or sector that would be of use to other investors.

The Insiders Club is all about Members sharing these stock market insights with other Insiders Club Members. Fill in the form below to tell us all your insight and we will share it. It can't do the share price any harm!

  • Henry and Marcus will filter all insight.
  • Insights are filtered for quality, bias, guesswork, legality and hollow opinion.
  • Marcus Today Insiders Club Members will be able to view all filtered insights.
  • Marcus Today Insiders Club Members will be able to participate in our League Tables and win Awards.
  • We will be offering Awards for Insight of the Year and Stock Picker of the Year.
  • One of the prizes will include a lunch/dinner with Henry and I and it will include wine. We'll come to you.
  • If you are a Marcus Today Member you are already an Insiders Club Member.
  • If you are not a Marcus Today Member feel free to share your insight but you will not be able to view other insights, our League Tables or participate in our Awards.
  • Insights can be positive or negative.
  • You can submit as many insights as you like.
  • When you would like to 'close' your idea email

Click here or below to enter your insight and join the Marcus Today Insiders Club.


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