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Friday, 17 November 2017
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The Marcus Today STOCK BOX

We have done a video to briefly explain the Marcus Today STOCK BOX. The stock box allows you to access basic company fundamentals and technicals in one spot. It is a fantastic (though I say so myself) summary of the raw data that a lot of very expensive and fancy subscriptions wrap up in unnecessary graphics and sell as the answer to everything....which it isn't. I have thought of selling this as a separate subscription but in the end am happy not to dress it up into something it isn't but to include this "commodity" information simply as one of the Marcus Today subscription value adds. A financial planner recently had a multi billion dollar fund manager present to them about their huge managed funds and their powerpoint presentation included Marcus Today STOCK BOXES on each stock mentioned. Even the professionals recognise the simplicity of this condensed information and it is yours as part of you Marcus Today Membership.

Enjoy...it is a great tool. 

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