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Monday, 26 March 2018
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Education Course Testimonials

These Testimonials are from our "Stock Picking for the Active Investor" Education Course held on March 17th, 2018 in Sydney:

  • Well structured day full of great content, ideas and resources delivered in a very understandable “tell it as it is” manner.
  • It was very Educational and good value for money. It inspired me, besides, we love the man. A true teacher.
  • I subscribe to a number of services related to investments and to the market; to my mind Marcus is unique in that I never feel that he is recommending a stock purchase because he has already bought that particular stock. I value his ethics and recommend his newsletter without reservation. The education course was fun, interesting and most enjoyable and I gained valuable insight.
  • Great course, Marcus really delivers on his stock picking promise! Practical, actionable and also thoroughly enjoyable.
  • This is a most informative and useful training session which correctly places the challenge of direct investing in a healthy retired life. As Marcus says, the challenge is to look after one's money. If you make money that is an added benefit. (Hope I got that right! My attitude anyway!) The tools and resources presented are most useful and readily used.
  • Marcus' "A Day of Stock Picking for the Active Investor" was very beneficial, particularly from the point of view of absorbing and refining relevant data in making decisions.
  • Marcus delivered a really user friendly presentation. It was easy to follow and the stories and personalisation made it all the more interesting. He has certainly made me think about how I’ll be investing in the future. Irene, Sydney
  • While the Marcus Today newsletter is jam packed with valuable information and ideas, there is nothing like spending a day in the company of Marcus. The course was well structured and covered key topics, with plenty of opportunities for questions and discussions along the way, all presented with good humour and studded with Marcus' entertaining anecdotes. I came away with both new ideas and a deeper understanding of what is involved in successful active investing.
  • In the investment field it takes time to find people who you can trust with advice. I find the Marcus Today newsletter refreshing with advice which calls it as it is and is not afraid to admit when things go wrong.
  • An interesting day well attended giving many good ideas.
  • Marcus Padley's seminar was an entertaining and instructive overview of the investing "game". There was also some down to earth reality checks about the retail investor's position on the investing food chain. Marcus gave some very helpful advice as well as list of resources to help refine our investing skills. Happy to recommend unreservedly.
  • The Stock Picking for the Active Investor seminar provided an excellent overview of the process of stock picking, as well as very useful and detailed information that I can follow up upon. As with the Marcus Today newsletters, information blocks were broken up with stories to illustrate the points, which made it easy for me to stay engaged. I also very much appreciated that Marcus addressed participants' questions. A very worthwhile day!
  • Marcus provides a refreshingly honest look at the stock market, examining fundamental and technical analysis, liberally sprinkled with amusing anecdotes.There are no pressure sales tactics - it is about the information. The course is suited to those who already have a basic understanding of shares and charts, looking to increase their level of knowledge to take control of their own investing future.

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  • Excellent practical education covering fundamental, technical, flow analysis told by an experienced practitioner- presented with colour and humour. Highly recommended for anyone interested in protecting and growing their Aussie share investments! Peter, Melbourne.
  • A great presentation for the beginner and experienced investor alike. Marcus combines his sense of humour and extensive experience in the financial services industry to create an interesting half-day presentation on investing. Even though I have been investing for over 30 years, I gained a number of insights into my investing strategies! I've implemented them already - with positive results. Thanks, Marcus and team."
  • The entire session provided interesting & essential information in an amusing manner.
  • This is a seminar I would definitely recommend. informative, entertaining and interactive. If you are looking for tips to make millions this is not it but if you want the knowledge on how to make informed decisions on stock trading, spend the money and do the course.
  • It was an excellent course prepared by an articulate and well prepared presenter. Marcus knows his stuff and if I certainly gained a lot from the course.
  • A relaxed approach to a complex topic. Marcus has over the years (decades) developed an in depth and intelligent level of knowledge around investing in the stock market about which he is generous when it comes to sharing, saving participants many years of learning by trial and error (and $$). The day was by far the most useful course I have done in this area.
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