I was almost fully invested in the market in 2008. As a result, I took a bath. I want guidance to help prevent me making the same mistake again. You are my canary in the coal mine.


I have 4 1/2 years of active investing under my belt and have tried several services. Marcus Today is the best of these. Lots of information (market, company specific) …normally quite astute and sensible market commentary, bringing our attention to new opportunities, managing trades, and all the pyscho stuff in amiable articles. And at a reasonable price. Very happy


Marcus Today is by far the most useful daily publication for anybody whose investments include equities. The presentation is comprehensive, entertaining and transparently written with the subscriber’s interest in mind. It contains so much dense information, that I have become completely dependent on it.

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Pxxxx A. Vxxxxxxxx22/03/2019

I’ve been a member of Marcus Today for the last 4 years – and I’ve just renewed my membership for another 2. I regard MT as my “eyes and ears” of the stock market – it gives me a snapshot of what to expect from the market in the morning and a roundup of what happened at the end of day.

Besides being an informative and entertaining read, I like that MT interprets the news behind the headlines in a way that’s relevant to the retail investor/trader. Best of all, MT continually reinvents itself to become more relevant to a wider readership. Examples are new features such as the small stock portfolio and Insiders.