On The Desk - Talking Alternative Investments

On the Desk Talking Alternative Investments

This week “on the desk” Chris, Tom and Ben discuss the merits of alternative investments, particularly narrowing in on their thoughts and experiences with collectibles, equity crowdfunding, and cryptocurrencies.   Why not sign up for a free trial? Get access to expert insights and independent research and become a better investor.

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Imugene (IMU) is expected to move into the ASX 200 in the December quarter rebalance. If that happens, fund managers that are benchmarked to the ASX 200 index must consider buying it, and passive funds have to buy it. It also puts the company on the radar of more investors and research houses. For some…

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Separately Managed Account October Update

There was a 2.69% fall in the ASX 200 which put an end to 11-straight winning months for index. There are also fears around a potential Evergrande collapse and the ramifications it could have on the Chinese economy, which has continued to spook investors. The resources sector was worst hit, falling 9.5% and the iron ore price itself…

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The reopening enthusiasm is palpable in Victoria. The sun is shining a little brighter and the air through the thin layer of cotton mask is arguably, sweeter? I was asked to look at a company which has done very well out of reopening activity and closed international borders. Campily (CHL), the business has created an…

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