20 Ways to Separate Yourself from the Herd

Meanwhile it is not so much the fabulous result for our Members and investors over the last three months, which to be honest is more ‘disaster averted’ than ‘life changing’ (the fund is only +9.14% since coronavirus hit), it is working out what works and realising our advantages. These lessons will stand us in good…

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Making Better Decisions

I thought this email was worth publishing. This email followed Henry's On the Couch session with Technical Analyst Regina Meani on Saturday: EMAIL FROM A MEMBER – Over the years I have tried and tested just about every indicator that exists. I also try to keep things as simple as practicable, but still effective, so have…

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back to the future

Back to the Future

It is interesting sometimes to look back at momentous turning points. For us, that was late March. I thought it would be a good idea to have look back at my March ramblings in Henry’s Take especially on small caps and the overall strategy of the team.

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Bank Sector Ressurection

The Banks have over-provided for an Armageddon economic outcome that was based on over-cautious medical advice – The Australian bank sector has risen 14.13% in three days as it wakes up to the realisation that the economic recovery is coming faster than expected meaning GDP forecasts are too low (brokers are upgrading GDP forecasts), bank sector earnings…

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EOS operates in the Space and Defence Markets

Buy Hold Sell: Electro Optic Systems (ASX: EOS)

Electro Optic Systems (ASX: EOS) supplies laser optic sights to the US, NATO and Australian military and counter-drone technology and has recently made an acquisition, Audacy, that will see it enter space. The company has cutting edge laser guidance systems allowing remote access targeting. It also has communication systems and now space capabilities. It is…

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The Importance of a Trading Plan

The topic of Trading Plans is not a small one. There is a lot to consider. This article will be about the broad reasons why developing a plan is so important, and an outline of the major things to consider when developing a plan. Subsequent articles will go into far more depth about exactly what…

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