Income investing 101

Income Investing 101

Many retirees open a bank account for dividends. Every stock they buy they do the paperwork directing the share registry to pay any dividends into that bank account. Non-retiree investors, as well as some of the wealthier retiree investors, will elect instead to have the registry use the dividend to buy more shares under the…

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The Education Holy Grail

My nineteen-year-old daughter and I did our recreational boat operator’s course together. A day in a classroom and a day on the water. It was the first time I have been in the classroom in a while but I have to say, as a financial professional and a veteran of much financial education, there was…

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The Margin Lending Portfolio

OTHER PEOPLE’S PORTFOLIOS – THE MARGIN LENDING PORTFOLIO This is a very interesting portfolio today. Let me give you the back story: July 2007 – Margin loan established for $100,000. August 2008 – Margin calls, shares sold (forced sale). August 2010 – Divorced, sleeping on the floor at Mum’s house, Zero dollars in the bank,…

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