At Marcus Today our team is committed to building a community of better investors. We do this every day through our newsletter – delivered three times a day – morning, midday and in the afternoon following market close.

Our key contributors Marcus Padley, Henry Jennings, Chris Conway, Ben O’Leary and Tom Wegner have a uniquely open and honest writing style and are known for ‘telling it how it is’.

Their insights and commentary is delivered across the feature areas of Strategy, Portfolios & Stock Ideas, Market Overview, Resource Tools and Education. A description of each feature is highlighted below along with detail on how to get the best out of each area.



MARCUS SPI - Strategy Portfolios Ideas

Marcus Padley writes a strategy piece four times a week, including on Saturday, which highlights the team’s views on sector movement, stock selection, asset management and more. It also provides you with actionable ideas through the model portfolios. There is also the Marcus Strategy podcast which is available on the website as well as on most podcasting apps. You can find a link to the latest strategy article and podcast episode in the midday email. It can be found within the Marcus Today section on the newsletter website.

Marcus also includes and educational element to his section, explaining jargon, indicators, fundamentals, charts, other resources. Our mission statement is “Creating a Community of Better Investors”.  Listening to this educational drip feed will make you a better investor.


Henry’s Take

Written daily by Henry Jennings, this section dives into small and mid-cap stocks and is slightly more speculative in nature. Henry had some big winners over the journey (and his share of losers, no doubt). His honest and entertaining analysis and writing style, and extensive media appearances, has seen him develop his own cult following – he may or may not be the most popular analyst on Ausbiz. Henry crystallises his ideas into his Small Cap Portfolio where he monitors and tracks his recommendations, making it easy for you to follow. A link to Henry’s Take is also included in the midday email and has it’s own section in on the newsletter website.

Henry also manages the Marcus Today Facebook Discussion Group and runs a live Ask the Analyst Session most Friday’s at 5pm.

Henry produces a regular podcast aired on a Saturday, called ‘On the Couch’, where he speaks to some of the big names in the industry.



The Really Boring Portfolio (RBP)

This portfolio will provide a slow-moving, sleep at night, low activity, low cost, compounding investment. It will include some compounding ETFs, international exposures, LICs, anything we think is appropriate as a bull market exploiting investment. Read more.

The Dividends And Franking Portfolio (DAF)

A no heart attacks, long term, low activity, income-focused portfolio for those who like to chase franking. This portfolio may include things that are not equities and will exploit income opportunities in the short term and long term. Read more.

The FUFU Portfolio (FUFU)

FUFU = “Forever Unless it F’s Up”. This is the long term, quality, growth focused, big stock, stockpicking portfolio. It is designed to be low or no activity unless forced by change and performance to prune and replace. Read more.
The Ideas Portfolio

The Ideas Portfolio

Not really a portfolio so much as a collection of ideas in the Marcus SPI section. It can include trades, one stock portfolio ten-bagger ideas, technical buying ideas, speculative situations, big stocks, bad stocks, long term or short term, quality or barking dog. This is a portfolio of Marcus’ ideas.



The Small Caps Portfolio (SCP)

With a focus on small cap companies, it is a summation of some of the stocks Henry is following. The point of the SCP is to give ideas and insights into tech and emerging companies. Small caps are more speculative and risky in nature.

The New ETF Active Trade Portfolio (NEAT)

The diversity and low costs of ETFS make them a great option for new investors. The goal is to build a solid portfolio that is making money with less risk and volatility. Henry will provide an update every Monday in Henry’s Take section of the newsletter.


Trading Ideas

Trading Ideas

Medium-term trading ideas driven by technical analysis and a Chart of the Day, delivered by Chris Conway. He also hosts a Chart Chat webinar with a focus on trading strategy and education.
Buy Hold Sell

Buy Hold Sell

A deep-dive into stocks of interest. Generally one stock per week, utilising our unique research style. The analysis also supports the stock selection in the model portfolios.



MarcusToday Facebook Stock Discussion Group

The Marcus Today Facebook Discussion Group is where Henry and Chris interact with members and answer their questions about the market. The group has close to 2000 active members with more joining every day.

Henry also runs a live Ask the Analyst Session every Friday at 5pm in the Facebook Discussion Group where members can ask anything they like. The answers are provided in real-time, so it is always fast, furious and – hopefully – fun.

All Ords Spreadsheet

All Ords Spreadsheet

All the fundamental and technical data on all 500 companies in the All Ordinaries Index in one sortable spreadsheet, updated weekly.

Stock Box

Our famous STOCK BOX. All the numbers you need to know on both Australian and US companies provided in our unique STOCK BOX format – a tool that is used by professional fund managers and brokers as well as our Members.

The Stock Box contains past financial data, forecasts, and consensus recommendations on all the major stocks and many of the smaller names.

Dividend Predictor

Dividend Predictor

A running spreadsheet of dividends due, including yields and franking information, as well as ex-date and pay date. This is updated daily.
Most Shorted Stocks

Most Shorted Stocks

A weekly analysis of ASIC’s most shorted stocks that will help you visualise the trends in shorting.

Ask an Analyst

When you have questions, you can reach out to our team of analysts via email. Henry also hosts a live webinar  session every few weeks.
Market Calendars

Market Calendars

Calendars available include Weekly Corporate Diary, Dividend Calendar and Reporting Calendar.


The Marcus Today member website hosts a broad range of educational articles which cater from the beginner to the more experienced investor. A series of online courses, e-books and live events will be launched soon.


To ensure our members receive regular and concise updates on the market and any strategy changes, the newsletter is structured to include three daily updates – morning, midday and end of day.  In addition, the Saturday newsletter provides a full weekly wrap-up.  These market updates are identified as follows:


Morning Update

In addition to key strategy commentary, the morning update feature the following key market synopsis:

  • Pre-market: A summary of the main overnight prices, events and points of interest. This is mostly information – we are condensing a lot of information in one spot to save you time and explain and educate.
  • Stories & Announcements: This includes a summary of the day’s stories and announcements with our commentary; a section covering any interesting broker research that day with target prices and recommendations.
  • Daily & Weekly Diary: All the event both economic and corporate for the week ahead; with another weekly (Friday) section preparing you for the events and action of the following week.


Saturday Newsletter

Sent on Saturday morning it includes a synopsis of overnight events in the US, a summary of the Australian market in the last week and convenient links to some of the main sections of the newsletter in the last week. If you are an investor rather than a trader then this is your once a week one stop shop.

End of day Report

We email this to our Members daily and make it available on the website as well – it includes a concentrated synopsis of the market prices and events of the day in an easily digestible hit. If you are logging in once a day after the close then this is all you need. It includes our unique MARKET MAP as well as the year and day highs and lows, the outlook for the international markets for the night ahead, a summary of the day’s newsletter, with links, as well as a synopsis of the day’s announcements and a list of the best and worst performers on the day.

Midday Update

Provides critical updates on the market including the publication of Marcus – Strategy; Daily strategy podcast; and an update of the market open; plus advice on any stocks bought or sold in any of the portfolios.


PODCASTS (Strategy and Market Updates)

We host four podcasts – Marcus Today Market UpdatesMarcus SPIOn The Desk and On The Couch. Available on all podcasting apps.
Marcus Strategy
The original Marcus Today Strategy podcast by Marcus Padley from the Marcus Today daily stock market newsletter.


On the Desk
On The Desk’ gives you court-side access to what the Marcus Today team are talking about each week. In this new podcast, Australian Equities Analyst Tom Wegner is joined by Co-Portfolio Managers Ben O’Leary and Chris Conway to unpack what’s got them excited, concerned, or curious in the market. If you have ever wondered what it is like on the other side of the newsletter, then this podcast is for you.

Marcus Today Market Updates
Includes Breakfast Briefing and End of Day Report. A twice daily podcast from the team at Marcus Today, the stock market newsletter for investors, bringing you up to speed with the latest stock market, financial and business news. Published just before market open and after market close (AEST) from Monday to Friday.


On the Couch
Analyst and market commentator Henry Jennings talks to fund managers, CEOs, investors and other finance professionals On the Couch about the big issues and how to navigate choppy investment markets. Great guests, great conversations and a focus on money making ideas straight from the experts.