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Sohn Hearts & Minds Conference

17 Nov 2023

The Sohn Hearts and Minds Conference 2023 had a bunch of tips once again and Cathie Wood guessed it, Bitcoin

 Our Daily Market Reports
Marcus Strategy – Growth vs Income

29 Nov 2023

(BANNER) In Sydney today doing a podcast for Money Magazine so just a short update. Retail sales came in below expectations but didn't move the market.… 3 min read

End of Day Report Tuesday

28 Nov 2023

ASX 200 clawed back some losses closing up 28 points to 7015 (+0.4%). Early euphoria gave way to apathy again. Banks were strong, the Big… 3 min read

Henry’s Take – Backing Da Man!

28 Nov 2023

GMD - Backing da Man. Been a great win so far. NEM is starting to settle down after the merger. Diversified gold major. 11 min read

 Our Daily Podcasts
Members Podcast

28 Nov 2023

Market up 24 as we wait for inflation numbers this week.

End of Day Podcast Tuesday

28 Nov 2023

ASX 200 clawed back some losses closing up 28 points to 7015 (0.4%). Early euphoria gave way to apathy again. Banks were a strong sector…

 Stock Take Research
Webjet Results Fly – Time to Buy

24 Nov 2023

Webjet (WEB) released impressive first-half financial year results on Wednesday. Bookings, revenue and profit are all now above pre-market levels. Significant growth in the WebBeds…

CBA Results – All Is Well

15 Nov 2023

CBA released its Q1 trading update yesterday bringing the bank results season to a close. The market reacted well despite a slight fall in net…


Our primary objective is to maximise returns by capitalising on upward market trends, while minimising the impact of regular and significant corrections on your investments.

We strive to strategically navigate the market, aiming to be fully invested during favourable times while actively avoiding downturns.

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 S&P/ASX 200


-23.60 (-0.34%)

28 Nov 2023

Open: 6,987.60 High: 7,049.20
Low: 6,985.50 Prev close: 7,038.80
52-wk high: 7,567.70 52-wk low: 6,751.30

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