I attended the Education day ‘Stock Picking for the Active investor’ and recommend it to anyone wanting to get a better insight in what to be aware of in investing. Marcus has a no-nonsense approach in his communication style and is able to answer queries as they arise in a constructive way for everyone. I came away looking forward to putting in place many of the ideas raised.
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Jxxxx Ixxxxx22/03/2019

If you are serious about getting the most out of your share portfolio then this course is a must. We all think we know when to buy and when to sell, but we so often stuff it up. Marcus course gives you a disciplined and objective framework for making these decisions and much more. All delivered in an interesting format with anecdotes and humour to keep your attention.
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Pxxxx Gxxxxxx22/03/2019

I have been with the Marcus Team since 2012 After attending Marcus’s first advanced stock picking workshop and all I can say is ‘Classic Marcus’ – He doesn’t pull the punches, tell you as it is. You can leave this workshop with a clear understanding of what is really happening in the market place. Marcus gives you a systematic gain an edge. Thanks Marcus for an enlightening event.

Gxxx Mxxxx22/03/2019


Couldn’t let this opportunity pass to say thanks for contributing to my investment strategy each day.
Love the sense of humour expressed by you and your team.
Great to know that you share my view that life is not just about the money.
Keep up the great job. It makes a difference.