I have learned and continue to learn to be much more disciplined in my SMSF portfolio management AND to hear another voice separate from my full-service broker/advisor. I now feel that I manage them, rather than they manage me.

J*** S***05/07/2019

We subscribe to the Marcus Today newsletter to become better investors for our SMSF. Through the newsletter we are better informed and make better investments. The newsletter is beneficial because it Educates, provides advice and tips and have improved our performance immensely since subscribing in the distant past. Thank you for your informative reading in the newsletter and the many other articles, Buy, Hold Sell in particular.

C*** G***05/07/2019

Thanks Henry for a great Christmas. Sold AU8 104%, CAN 48%, MSB 12%, ISD 18% (bought MSB for $1.27 when it fell off the cliff – not a stock I would normally buy). Others I bought are ahead except AX1 – down 2%. Will get back into CAN, not keen on getting back into AU8. I do realise the market will not always be so kind. No need to reply.

Kind regards,


Bxxx Jxxxxxxx22/03/2019

Have been a subscriber for a few weeks now. Absolutely fantastic review of markets and stocks. Marcus + Team are like Occam’s Razor, cutting out the nonsense and delivering core and relevant information and ideas for investors. Thanks and best.

E**** G*******

E**** G*******22/03/2019


Couldn’t let this opportunity pass to say thanks for contributing to my investment strategy each day.
Love the sense of humour expressed by you and your team.
Great to know that you share my view that life is not just about the money.
Keep up the great job. It makes a difference.