Who makes the investment decisions?

The Marcus Today team, headed by Marcus Padley, constantly monitors the model portfolio and makes changes as they are required. The investment strategy involves a combination of approaches to identify attractive companies and their suitability for portfolio inclusion, including:

  • fundamental stock analysis, with particular focus on return on equity, future earnings growth and relative valuations (PE relative to historical and peer group).
  • consideration of a “quality” rating through features such as management quality and track record, corporate governance, balance sheet management, company direction and market sentiment.
  • macroeconomic and thematic influences, including the global growth environment,
    industry structure and position in the investment cycle and investment “themes”. (E.g. the search for yield).
  • technical analysis – Marcus Today uses a technical overlay to assist in timing the entry into a stock which has already met fundamental, quality and thematic filters. Marcus Today also use technical features to monitor the position and help time any exit.