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Stock Discussion Group - Join Now!

Having had something like four hundred people come through our education classes, one thing is clear, Marcus Today Members, investors, when they actually come face to face, love a chat.

Watching you come alive in person has made it an obvious progression of the newsletter to connect you as Members on a social platform, one that allows us to safely discuss stocks within a community of like-minded, stock market interested, normal people that are willing to share and help.

The Australian Investors Association motto is – "Investors helping Investors". The Marcus Today Stock Discussion Group motto is “Marcus Today Members helping Marcus Today Members”.

The main drive for discussion will be for members to share stock ideas and information.


  • Request to join the group by clicking HERE then hitting the  button:


When you sign up for the group you will be asked three very quick multiple choice questions – this is standard for a closed Facebook group. Please note, if you do not agree to the terms your membership can not proceed.


  • It is a closed group on Facebook.
  • Anyone can find the group, only accepted members can post and see posts to the group.
  • Members of Marcus Today can join.
  • Investors who attended one of our Education Classes can join.
  • Clients of Marcus Today Investment Strategists can join.

Marcus Today staff are in the group including Henry, Chris, Marcus, Tom, Ben, Alex and Oscar on our Investment Team and our financial advisers, Pauline, Anna, Ally, Shaun, David, Thanh, Christine, Chris, Sierah, Stephane and Amanda. Feel free to ask us informational (not advice) questions about everything from the stock market to financial planning – you never know, you may get an answer!


  • We will be moderating content to encourage good manners and to protect our Members and to avoid time wasting, unpleasantries, spruiking, and any ‘dickheads’.
  • We will be moderating membership of the group – If you are not a Member of the Marcus Today groups mentioned above you will not be able to join.
  • If your subscription expires so will your membership of the Marcus Today Stock Discussion Group.
  • Undesirable posts will see their authors blocked whether they are an eligible Member of not.

We look forward to your contribution to the MARCUS TODAY STOCK DISCUSSION GROUP – be it a question, a contribution, an answer or a stock story, we are sure you will benefit as we harness the intellect of the Marcus Today Member base.



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