Marcus Today: Reporting season

Stock reporting season is one of the most important times in the Australian market. It happens twice a year, in August (financial full-year) and February (financial half-year). The reason why it is so important is because it cuts through all the market noise and gives everyone the clearest idea about how particular companies – and the broader economy – are performing. Companies may also give forward guidance and it is from this guidance that investors can get an idea of what is to come over the next six months. Companies that perform well, beyond expectations, are typically rewarded with an appreciation in their share price, whilst those that miss expectations are usually punished – often quite harshly. There is a lot riding on reporting season and companies typically have to lodge their half yearly accounts by certain dates. ASX listed companies with 30 June and 31 December balance dates have a number of stock reporting dates to meet throughout the calendar year, which are as follows:
Source: ASX
At Marcus Today, we have provided our members the following stock reporting calendar, which outlines when all the major companies are scheduled to deliver results. Finally, for those looking for some more insight into which companies/sector might perform well, please sign up for a free trial to access the following article. Now is not the time to not be informed sign up for a 14 day free trial

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