We have made our big call

We have made our big call and have gone from 70% “out” to 81% “in” in the Marcus Today Growth portfolio. We have had a few emails about what we have bought/hold – these are always available on the PORTFOLIOS tab on the website but here is a list of our current holdings. If you have queries, Chris is the fund manager and available on chris@marcustoday.com.au

As you will see we have stuck to mostly larger quality stocks with a few mid-cap growth picks. At this point the more important issue is being “in” the market, rather than stock picking. The "wood" is on the move and all the trees are moving with it - the market is where the opportunity and volatility is coming from, not the fortunes of the individual stocks. We have been picky buying quality stocks, avoiding stocks that are directly affected by the virus (WEB, FLT for instance) but are having a bit of a bet in the energy sector (the US are calling on Russia and Saudi Arabia to bury the hatchet – it would cause a huge rally) but we reserve the right to get pickier further down the track.


From Johnathan - not a Member - So how and when will you know you are wrong? You mention if you are wrong you would sell, but then you would be selling when the market is 40 to 60% from peak. Wouldn't that be a good time to buy, so how could you ever possibly sell?

Reply: Hi Jonathan - There is no song sheet we are singing to - we change our minds on a daily basis - it is the best you can do - wake up every morning and make decisions. I don't know when or if we will ever sell. One day it will come to us. I know financial product sellers and professional commentators tell you that you have to have a trading plan and pre-think every move - you can't. If you want to know when we sell if we ever do, and why, then please subscribe to Marcus Today - we publish our mindset and decisions daily.

I'll tell you if he subscribes!


  • Macquarie tips stocks to buy ahead of the recovery. They include:

  • Animal rights people in Italy are telling people to stop walking their dogs because they are exhausted. Another Italian mayor says none of the people in his village have exercised since primary school and now they are all marathon runners.
  • My daughter, a medical student at ANU in Canberra, is hearing that during this lull in her third-year placements they are going to upskill the students to reinforce the coronavirus front line if needed. She says that whenever you put on a Hazmat suit gravity goes to a sixth of earth's usual pull and you start breathing like Tom Hanks in Apollo 11. Tread carefully Liv.


We got a mention in this article as being one of the Number One sources for investment ideas – we have done a lot of content for Livewire, if they hadn’t mentioned us!!


A good summary of what the Government has done to support individuals and business. If you are an employer, employee or business owner affected by the COVID-19 shutdowns you might find something useful in this:


I was rather amused/flattered by this:

The background is shown below in more detail – it’s my to-do list – I intend to do everything on the list before this is over:

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