On the Couch with Henry Jennings and Regina Meani

On the Couch with Henry Jennings and Regina Meani

This week Henry's guest is a technical analyst with a serious pedigree. Most members of Marcus Today will know that Henry is not a technical analyst. Being colour blind does not help. But many follow Technical Analysis and it is a significant part of investment timing.

Regina Meani is one of Australia’s best-known technical analysts and had a career working for some of the biggest brokers and investment banks in Australia. She has written a book on the subject which is available on her web site called "Charting". When Henry first met Regina she had emigrated to Sydney and was working for Bain and Co (as it was, now Deutsche Bank). At that time technical analysis was called "charting" and was a very hands on business that required a pencil and graph paper. Henry and Regina talk charting as well as her current technical market view and the levels she is looking at. Regina is now an independent technical analyst and consults extensively to brokers and private professional traders.

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