Reporting Season Guide – August 2020

'Tis the Season to be Careful

Once again August is upon us, a time that the industry either dreads or loves. So many company results that it is hard to keep up. Analysts burn the midnight oil and investors tremble on their pronouncements. This year is set to be a one-off (hopefully). We have seen no other year like it. Yes, we have had recessions before - although they are a dim and distant memory - but we have never had the disruption to economic and corporate activity that we have seen this time. The pace of technological change, adoption, and acceptance has been extraordinary. The bifurcation between winners and losers has been extreme. Digital versus analogue. A brave new world. Insight will be at a premium this reporting season and the team have put together a guide with commentary on the major themes and prospects for 10 stocks. CLICK HERE to download your free reporting season guide today.

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