Don’t get caught flat-footed coming out of reporting season: 10 Stocks on the Move

We helped you through reporting season with Marcus Today Reporting Season Guide, where we called winners in AMP and JBH. Plus, a bearish outlook on NAN saving some from their recent slide. As always, it wasn't all beer and skittles, with A2M falling sharply since reporting against our positive outlook. Take a look at how the 10 stocks from our Marcus Today Reporting Season Guide have performed since reporting. It is now time to look ahead, as we grade another 10 stocks - from A to F - based on how they reported and how we rate their prospects for the future.
  • Among the 10 stocks covered are: APX, WTC and FLT
  • Avoid the bombs … we’re not giving away all A’s
  • Get in the know about what stocks to hold for the next six months
  • We called it pretty well during reporting season, now we look at what’s next
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