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TRADE MARK Marcus Today Pty Ltd is the registered owner in Australia and various parts of the world of the trade mark Marcus Today (“the Trade Mark”). Marcus Today uses the Trade Mark, in the course of providing products and services to its clients. Marcus Today has used the Trade Mark and asserts its entitlement to do so at the exclusion of others. The Trade Mark may not be used as a trade mark or in connection with the supply of goods or services by any other person without the prior written permission of Marcus Today. Marcus Today has developed strict guidelines as to the manner in which the Trade Mark is to be used by authorised users. IMPORTANT The content included on our website and in our emails has been prepared to provide general information only and, as such, the specific needs, investment objectives or financial situation of any particular user accessing the Marcus Today website or associated emails have not been taken into consideration. Each individual user should obtain advice from their financial planner or advisor before acting on any information provided on the Marcus Today website or associated emails so that such individual users can obtain advice applicable to their personal circumstance from their own financial advisor. Please note that stocks can go down as well as up. Past results are not indicative of future performance and returns can be negative. AFSL Marcus Today Pty Ltd (ACN 110 971 689) is a corporate authorised representative of MTIS Private Wealth License no. 473383. CONFLICTS OF INTEREST Staff trading – Marcus Today Pty Ltd, its Directors, employees and associates of Marcus Today may hold interests in many ASX-listed Australian companies which may or may not be mentioned or recommended in the Marcus Today newsletter. These positions may change at any time, without notice. To manage the conflict between personal dealing and newsletter recommendations the Directors, Employees and associates of Marcus Today Pty Ltd cannot knowingly trade in a stock 48 hours either side of a buy or sell recommendation being made in the Marcus Today newsletter. Staff trades are pre-approved by an appointed staff trading compliance officer to ensure compliance with the staff trading policy. Funds Management – Marcus Today Pty Ltd manages two ‘real’ funds – the Marcus Today SMA (separately managed account) and the Marcus Today Income SMA. These funds are managed separately to the newsletter by the ‘fund manager’. The fund manager operates the SMAs under mandates that are available here Promotion – The Marcus Today newsletter does not promote or favour businesses or listed companies either personally held or held by associates or related parties without a full disclosure of that relationship. RELIABILITY – ACCURACY – ERRORS The Marcus Today directors and employees or agents provide no guarantee, representation or warranty as to the reliability, accuracy or completeness of the information in the Marcus Today newsletter or emails; and do not accept any responsibility or liability arising in any way (including by reason of negligence) for errors in, or omissions from, the Marcus Today newsletter or emails. This disclaimer does not purport to exclude any warranties implied by law which may not be lawfully excluded. Neither Marcus today Pty Ltd, or their directors, employees or agents guarantees the performance of, or the repayment of capital or income invested on any information in the newsletter or emails. Marcus Today has made every effort to ensure the reliability of the views and recommendations expressed in the reports published on its websites. Marcus Today research is based upon information known to us or which was obtained from sources which we believed to be reliable and accurate at time of publication. However, like the markets, we are not perfect. This report is prepared for general information only, and as such, the specific needs, investment objectives or financial situation of any particular user have not been taken into consideration. Individuals should therefore discuss, with their financial planner or advisor, the merits of each recommendation for their own specific circumstances and realise that not all investments will be appropriate for all subscribers. To the extent permitted by law, Marcus Today and its employees, agents and authorised representatives exclude all liability for any loss or damage (including indirect, special or consequential loss or damage) arising from the use of, or reliance on, any information within the report whether or not caused by any negligent act or omission. If the law prohibits the exclusion of such liability, Marcus Today hereby limits its liability, to the extent permitted by law, to the resupply of the said information or the cost of the said resupply. EMAIL UNSUBSCRIBE If you are receiving our emails it is because you are a Marcus Today member and have agreed to our terms and conditions. Our emails are sent by or on behalf of the named sender at the top of the email. If you do not wish to receive any email marketing material from Marcus Today in the future, please send an email to info@marcustoday.com.au with the word “unsubscribe” in the subject box. PORTFOLIO PERFORMANCE Any reference to the performance of the Marcus Today portfolios, namely the MT Growth Portfolio, the MT Income Portfolio, the MT ETF Portfolio, and the Small Company Portfolio referred to in the section called Henry’s Take is accurate on our systems. These are hypothetical portfolios and this means that trades are virtual, not real, and do not suffer from real life issues like liquidity and do not pay commission. As such, it will be very difficult to exactly match the performance of the hypothetical portfolios. Because of this, actual portfolios may not perform in the same manner as the models depicted in the Marcus Today newsletter, depending on your personal portfolio and any customisations. Rounding in the data may also result in minor variations. PAST PERFORMANCE NOT A RELIABLE INDICATOR OF FUTURE PERFORMANCE The reader needs to understand that quoted past performance is not a reliable indicator of future performance. GENERAL WARNING ABOUT INVESTMENTS The value of investments and the income from them can fall as well as rise and is not guaranteed. When investing you may not get back the amount originally invested. Fluctuations may be particularly marked in the case of a higher volatility model and the value of the investment may fall suddenly and substantially. You have been warned. PRIVACY POLICY Marcus Today respects your privacy. We will not sell or share any of your personal information, unless you have consented that we do so. Entries within the Marcus Today data base will be directly marketed to as a means to generate sales, and gather useful market information. This will involve an active marketing campaign with special offers made to the data base. We now capture the following detail:
  • First name
  • Last name
  • email address
  • Telephone number
The following is how we intend to market to the data base.
  • Periodic Investor Updates via email
  • Periodic emails updating prospects on new products and services offered by Marcus Today.
  • We will send a survey to the data base trying to find out what Members are looking for as it pertains to financial products, lifestyle, and other service.
Our customer service team will make telephone calls with the objective generating business. The different objectives are:
  • Calling existing Marcus Today Members to secure re-subscriptions
  • Calling leads generated from the website and advertising to acquire Marcus Today members
  • Calling past Members with the objective of re-engagement
By submitting your name and contact details to this site you agree to aforementioned marketing and customer service initiatives and consent to be contacted. Security and Quality of Personal Financial Information – At Marcus Today we consider the security of your information to be of paramount importance. We have implemented security measures designed to provide the peace of mind you should expect when purchasing goods over the internet. In order to properly process subscriptions, Marcus Today collects email address, full name, billing address and credit card information. We have taken security measures, consistent with international information practices, to protect your personal information. These measures include technical and procedural steps to protect your data from misuse, unauthorised access or disclosure, loss, alteration, or destruction. Credit card information – Credit card information is transmitted using secure socket layer (SSL) encryption. Marcus Today does not store credit card information collected during the subscription process. We automatically delete phone or manually acquired credit card details upon the completion of an order, and therefore retain credit card details for the shortest possible time. If you’re uncomfortable using your credit card online, we also accept payment by money order, cheque, and direct deposit. Please note that while Marcus Today uses its best endeavours to protect all such information at all times, we cannot be responsible for unauthorised access to the information. Cookies – Marcus Today may use cookies from time to time. A cookie is a unique text file that a website can send to your browser software. Cookies enable a website to tailor information presented to you based on your browsing preferences. Marcus Today may use cookies to personalise web pages during your visit to our website, and/or to remember you for easy navigation and access during your return visits after registering for our products, services and other offers. Marcus Today may also use cookies to track your visit to our website. We may collect information, including your IP address, in a form that may be personally identifiable. However, this information will only be used for analytical purposes and will be limited to the minimum necessary to perform the analysis. If you do not want Marcus Today to deploy cookies in your browser, you can set your browser to reject cookies or to notify you when a website tries to put a cookie in your browser software. Rejecting cookies may affect your ability to use of some of the products and/or services at our website.

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