On the Couch with Eytan Lenko

In ‘On the Couch’ this week, Henry talks to serial technology entrepreneur and clean energy advocate, Eytan Lenko from Beyond Zero Emissions. Eytan talks us through his ‘million jobs’ plan for Australia, his thoughts on hydrogen and alternative clean energy sources and what sectors should do well as the global economy de-carbonises. Eytan Lenko is a founder of Outware, one of Australia’s most awarded and fastest growing technology companies.  He has extensive technical, commercial and leadership expertise having grown Outware from 3 co-founders to a team of over 250 based in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane. Outware was successfully acquired by Melbourne IT in 2017. Eytan has an engineering background and has deep knowledge around the current state of our energy transition. He is passionate about the exceptional opportunities that we have to transform our economy in response to climate change.  Eytan's Twitter feed here  

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