On the Couch with the Pie Funds Emerging Growth Fund Team

On the Couch this week sees us head over the ditch to talk to two Kiwi fund managers, Mark Devcich and Chris Bainbridge from Pie Funds. Mark and Chris run a $130m Emerging growth fund focusing on companies below a $150m market cap and concentrated mainly on the ASX. The Emerging Fund is now close ended with a 24.64% annualised performance since inception. In the podcast, we talk two stocks that the team are recommending, the ones that got away and how to value small caps and the all-important four Ps. Mark is the CIO and Portfolio Manager with over 10 years at Pie having worked previously for PWC and is a shareholder of Pie Funds. Chris is responsible for Australian Equities and a Portfolio Manager. Chris is a CFA and a shareholder of Pie Funds.

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