On the Couch with Greg McKenna CEO of the Police Bank

This week 'On the Couch' Henry chats to Greg McKenna the CEO of the multi-award-winning Police Bank, a bank that serves those in Blue. Greg McKenna is a familiar face to Sky Business viewers with his expert take on the economy and the macro picture. Back in 2018 Greg swapped his economist's hat to work on the board of the Police Bank and was named as the CEO of the Police Bank in March this year. Greg had been working in Banking and finance since 1986 and had played a long role in the Bank and the Police Community, having served on the Board of Police Bank as a Director between July 2012 and July 2018 and then as Chair where he was key to refreshing the Bank’s strategy. As a CEO of a financial institution, Greg has a unique insight on what is happening in the ‘real’ world and how customers are coping with the pandemic. As always, Greg brings his wealth of experience and knowledge and talks Neobanks, Fintech and how he sees Modern Monetary Theory playing out in the money printing world of central banks. Listen to the podcast below
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