Omnitrader Signals

We use Omnitrader as our charting software. With software like this you can scan over 2000 stocks a day for any technical signal you like using stock standard formulas or any you might want to create uourselves. It is fully programmable. For instance you can scan the market to find RSI sell signals (as here), or Bollinger Band signals, or 52 week highs, 53 week highs, stocks that have moved more than X% in the last week, or Y% in the last day. Point being that you can program in anything, any scan you like and it will return results in tables like these which show a lot of different data for every stock identified in that particular list. This is a small example - a list of stocks with RSI sell signals. We use lists like this to produce the TECHNICAL OBSERVATIONS section in the newsletter. Those headings in the small columns are different signals on different timeframes or criteria - for your interest - they include: VOLUME, WEEKLY, POINT & FIGURE, 3LINE BREAK, HEIKIN ASHI DAILY, HEIKIN ASHI WEEKLY, RENKO, DAILY, Summary Signal. I don't expect you to read or email about the symbols, it's just an insight into what this software can do - we scans 2000 plus stocks a day in minutes and the software highlights stocks hitting our technical criteria. Here is the Omnitrader explanation of some of the signals above but it only scratches the surface of what the software does. Its a tiny tiny part. Here is the User Guide for Omnitrader - I don't expect you to understand or use it but it'll give you an idea of its scope (just read the index at the beginning). Metastock is the standard for most (older) investors - it is a very robust and proven charting, scanning and back-testing, programmable software package that has been around forever. Omnitrader, as a later comer has incorporated all (?) the functionality of Metastock and includes a lot of interactive stuff for the US market including linking to brokers enabling users to put on, monitor trades and trigger sales on technical criteria through the software. It also allows US users to set up systems and automatically trades them. We don't use all that, its geared to the US market, we just use the charting and scanning. This is an Omnitrader Ad that we sort of agree with: If you want to explore Omnitrader you should contact a lovely guy, Michael Marks, who is the Australian distributor. He can take your order and get you set up. He is very helpful. I take no benefit from this recommendation, he is genuinely a nice guy - old school polite and helpful. You can contact him here: Best charting software - Here is an article we wrote a while ago about trading software that you might find useful.

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