On the Couch with Doug Morris CEO Sharesight

Welcome to another special episode of ‘On the Couch’ with Henry Jennings from Marcus Today. This week I am talking to Doug Morris, the CEO of Sharesight. Some members will be familiar with this portfolio tracking platform and Doug runs through some of its features. We talk, Bitcoin, NFTs and the rise of fintechs and some of the trends that he sees with his unique view on a wide range of client portfolios. Doug is a leading voice in the Australasian FinTech and SaaS industries. He began his career with Morningstar, Inc. in Chicago, IL, where he served in a project management role within the investment management business. He served as Product Manager for Morningstar Adviser Research Center, a platform serving financial advisers and then Global Product & Marketing Manager, Equity & Credit Research, overseeing international research distribution. Doug joined Sharesight as General Manager in 2013, before becoming CEO in 2015. Do you want to find out more about Sharesight? You can by heading over to their website CLICK HERE.   Never miss our podcasts, sign up for a 14-day free trial to Marcus Today Stock Market. CLICK HERE to get started and access our Stock Picks, Trading Ideas, BUY, SELL, HOLD and much, much more!

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