On the Couch with Jake Henson COO of ASX Listed Betmakers (ASX: BET)

This week's On the Couch is with Betmakers (BET) COO Jake Henson. Given that we own BET in the MT Growth Portfolio, we thought it would be a good idea to catch up with all the trackside action and hear the story from the horses' mouth. We talk about the opportunities ahead, BET's recent Sportech acquisition and the importance of having industry legend Matthew Tripp backing the company. Jake has been a key member of BET for more than 4 years and holds 10 years’ experience in the sports and wagering industries. Most recently he has overseen the integration of the Company’s acquisitions, DynamicOdds and Global Betting Services within the BET business as well as introducing these end-to-end product offerings to Betmakers (BET) clients.   CLICK HERE to sign up for a free trial of the Marcus Today newsletter including our daily STRATEGY PODCAST.

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